Tirips Boarding School - The Deadly Betrayal

Tirips Boarding School looked pretty normal from the outside...
Tia Samuels is invited to go to Tirips Boarding School for free. At first, she feels like any ordinary girl. But when one of her friends appears to have committed suicide, she learns that there is more to her friends than meets the eye...
But time is running out, and the killer is going to strike again. Can she uncover the killers true identity? Will she discover her own secrets? Or is it too late to save anyone?


2. Secrets

An alarm woke me up the next morning at 7:45. I got up and brushed my teeth and my hair. I got changed into my favorite mustache t-shirt and my jeans, along with my trusty purple converse.

Izzy was already gone when I was ready so Kelsey dragged me off to breakfast. Today she wore a ‘HUGS NOT WAR’ t-shirt. It was black and had two bears dressed as ninjas hugging each other. She also wore ripped black skinny jeans and big black boots.

We walked down to the canteen together and were just about to pick from the massive range of breakfast food when Kelsey waved at the others, who were already eating.

“What? Owen was looking at me,” She whispered once she was done, “Honestly, he’s such a flirt.”

I giggled. If anyone was flirting it was definitely her, not Owen. She gave me a little watch-what-you-do kind of nudge.

Once we had our breakfast we sat down with the others.  Kelsey sat next to Owen and I sat next to Sophie and Ben.

“So, we’d better explain lessons around here,” Izzy began.

“Morning lessons are in the classrooms down there,” Kelsey said as she motioned to the way we had just come from.

“There are two of them,” Sophie added, “Today its Science and Maths.”

“Then, we come here for our lunch,” Ben said,

“After that we special students head to the back building,” Josh said once he had finished his toast.

“What about me?” I said, feeling sure that I wasn’t a special student.

“Urgh, I thought I told you that you were a special student yesterday?” Kelsey gave me an annoyed look.

“Kels, calm down,” Owen said, “She’s new here she can’t remember every useless word you say.”

“Excuse me!” Kelsey yelled.

“Anyways after that we come here for dinner whenever the hell we feel like it then chill until we want to go back to our dorm and sleep.” He said, ignoring her.

“Umm… okay.” I said, going over everything in my head.

Most of us had a nice chat while we ate our food. Kelsey and Owen, on the other hand, were arguing about everything with each other.

Kelsey was shouting so loud we almost didn’t hear the bell.

We all went to the science lab while Kelsey and Owen continued to fight.

“See what I mean?” Izzy said, “They were made for each other.”

I laughed at how they kept fighting about nothing.

“It’s not nothing, Owen; I say some pretty useful stuff! But obviously you wouldn’t know because you never listen!” She yelled.

When we were in the science lab Kelsey sat with Izzy, Sophie sat with Ben and Owen came to sit with me. I felt every muscle in my body tense up. Despite being a bit small, he was seriously good looking. He sat down, looking annoyed.

“You okay?” I asked, trying not to say anything stupid.

“Yeah,” he sighed as he pulled out his homework and scribbled his name on the back, “Kelsey’s just such a pain in the arse sometimes.”

I laughed and I felt Kelsey’s eyes bore into the back of my head. I stopped and tried to look like I was doing something really important with my shoe. It was all I could think of. Owen must have noticed that Kelsey was creeping me out a little.

“Don’t let her get inside your head,” he laughed, “that girl is mental!”

I suppressed another giggle.


The back building was really small. It followed the same art deco theme as the main school but only consisted of two classrooms; one up stairs and one on ground level. The only visible way to get to the classroom on the floor above was up some more black modern steps onto a black platform of a similar style and through a black door.

The group of special kids was a lot larger than I first thought. There was at least 40 of us lounging around outside, waiting for the teachers to show up. I was about to ask what lessons we did here when Kelsey said-

“Just wait and see…”

She always seemed to know what I was thinking; I couldn’t seem to keep anything to myself. I didn’t entirely know why, and thinking about it simply brought new questions to mind. Why didn’t I see Izzy in our dorm? What was that tapping noise last night? Why were we here for free? And why did I feel like I was being watched?

I turned around to look behind me. I just couldn’t help but feel like someone had been watching me ever since I woke up. I longed to feel alone, I didn’t even feel alone in my own mind. I felt my breath quicken and my heart beat faster and faster like a time bomb.

Something wasn’t right. I could feel it. But, what was it?

“Tia, are you okay?” I whirled round to see Josh.

He looked genuinely worried about me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Yeah, I’m fine,”

He didn’t seem all that convinced. He looked as if he were about to say something, but thought better of it and shut his half open mouth.

“Good afternoon, class,” Mr White seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. The other students saw this as common place. My head throbbed with a numb pain that I couldn’t quite decipher and it seemed to take all my effort just to breathe. Josh gave me a little nudge and we walked inside the mysterious back building.

Inside, there were about 20 desks in rows with two chairs at each one facing the front. There was a projector screen above Mr White’s desk and several posters about abilities that super heroes would have such as invisibility, shape-shifting, even seeing ghosts!

Everybody had pre-assigned seats and I wondered what I was going to do.

“Third desk from the left, back row.” Kelsey sang.

Mr White gave her a look and she leaned back in her chair and folded her arms over her chest.

“I’m only trying to help.” She rolled her eyes.

I counted the desks and saw that, on the third desk from the left at the back, Josh sat with his feet up on the table.

“Oh, sorry,” He said once he saw me, “I’m used to having this table to myself.” He whipped his feet off the table and wiped away a bit of mud he had left on there.

“Thanks,” I smiled as I slid into my seat.

“Okay, carry on with your reading assignment,” Mr White called from the front of the classroom, “Mr Price, you know what to do.”

Josh nodded and got up. He motioned for me to join him as he left the room. I nervously followed him into the warm air outside.

“You wanna know why we all go here for free?” He asked.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to get out of everyone,” I replied.

“Then watch this.”

And with that, he bent his knees and kicked off of the ground. With one single leap he was up on the platform. I just stared.

“And that’s it from me, but the others can do different things,” He jumped down, “Everyone can do other things, Izzy’s a shape-shifter, Ben can talk to animals, Kels can read people’s minds, Sophie can manipulate people’s minds and Mr White can go all invisible.”

“What about Owen?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah,” He said, “he’s easy to miss out. His power is resisting other people’s powers. It’s not exactly much; he’s barely hanging on really.”

“Oh,” That was all I could think of, I didn't really know what to say to that, “What about me?”

He just shrugged. That was it. No explanation as to why no one knew why I was there, including myself.

“Guess you’re gonna have to figure that one out,” He sighed as he sat on one of the steps, “I wish I could help but I don’t know how.”

I lowered my head. If Owen was barely hanging on, I wasn't on at all.

“Don’t worry,” He got up and gave my shoulders a little squeeze, “We were all like this when we started; none of us had any clue why we were even here. It’s in your head somewhere, you’ll find out soon.”


That night, I was sitting on the bottom bunk. I tried to think about what my power was but I just couldn't do it. That was when I heard a scream a few doors down. Kelsey and I shared worried glances as we ran out of our dorm and down to the sound of the scream.

Nothing could have prepared us for what we saw…

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