Tirips Boarding School - The Deadly Betrayal

Tirips Boarding School looked pretty normal from the outside...
Tia Samuels is invited to go to Tirips Boarding School for free. At first, she feels like any ordinary girl. But when one of her friends appears to have committed suicide, she learns that there is more to her friends than meets the eye...
But time is running out, and the killer is going to strike again. Can she uncover the killers true identity? Will she discover her own secrets? Or is it too late to save anyone?


8. Message From Author

Thank you so much for reading my story Tirips Boarding School - The Deadly Betrayal. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Tia and her friends are deffinitely going to be having another adventure soon with more mysteries to uncover and more danger. Once the first chapter is up I'll create an epilogue in this book so that you know the next adventure has started. Thanks again!




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