Tirips Boarding School - The Deadly Betrayal

Tirips Boarding School looked pretty normal from the outside...
Tia Samuels is invited to go to Tirips Boarding School for free. At first, she feels like any ordinary girl. But when one of her friends appears to have committed suicide, she learns that there is more to her friends than meets the eye...
But time is running out, and the killer is going to strike again. Can she uncover the killers true identity? Will she discover her own secrets? Or is it too late to save anyone?


3. Blossoming Blood

The first thing I noticed was the blossom of red on his chest. The blood was still dripping from his lifeless body and onto the cream carpet of the dorm he shared with Owen and Josh.

Ben was dead.

The knife was still in his cold hands and his eyes stared emptily up at the ceiling.

“Oh my god…” Kelsey whispered as she put a hand to her mouth.

“Why?” Owen was sat on his bed with his hands over his mouth.

It seemed that the one who had screamed was Izzy. She was bent over the body, sobbing uncontrollably into her hands. I heard the door shut gently behind us and Mr White appeared.

Sophie guided Izzy over to the bed and put an arm around her. Everyone was crying, whether they decided to show it or not, but Izzy was by far the worst of us. Josh quickly wiped his eyes, trying not to let anyone see. But I had. There’s something about losing a friend that makes you forget everything that isn’t important. I forgot that none of us were normal; I forgot that I barely knew him; I forgot that I was in a room full of people. I just let myself cry.

My vision was blurred by tears and my heart felt as if it had been ripped straight out of my chest. Someone wrapped their arms around me. Strong arms that made me feel tiny and protected. I cried into them, whoever they were.


I woke up in a room that felt like I had only dreamed of it. The blood stain on the carpet was the only reminder that the terrible events of last night were not just a nightmare. Only then did I realize that I still had someone’s arms around me and that I had not moved at all since I fell asleep. I looked up to see who had comforted me the night before. Josh had fallen asleep sitting up and hugging me. It was probably something that girls dreamed of, falling asleep in someone’s arms, but right now it didn’t matter.

My movement had woken him up and he just stared at the pool of dried blood. It was hard for him, it was hard for all of us, it was even hard on me and I had barely even spoken to him. I saw that Kelsey had fallen asleep on Owens shoulder and the other two just lay there, either asleep or just being quiet.

“I just can’t believe this.” His voice was barely above a whisper, but I heard him, “Why would he kill himself? He was happy as far as any of us knew.” Josh wiped away one last tear from his cheek. I looked up into his sad, green eyes.

“I didn’t kill myself…” I heard a whisper.

I looked up and stared wildly around the room.

“What is it?” Josh asked.

“Didn’t you hear it?”


“The voice.”

My head felt heavy and the room around me seemed to distort itself and everything just became a blur.

“I didn’t kill myself.”

I felt someone shaking me and I could hear muffled voices, but they seemed so far away.


Suddenly everything snapped into focus. Josh was shaking my shoulders frantically and the others were all crowded around me.

“What the hell just happened to you?” Kelsey squealed.

“I don’t know,” I said. I tried to stand up but I collapsed back onto the bed. I just felt so light headed.

I felt myself drifting off to sleep. My eyelids felt like lead and my breathing slowed down incredibly. I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep. There was a killer somewhere… but who was it?

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