Tirips Boarding School - The Deadly Betrayal

Tirips Boarding School looked pretty normal from the outside...
Tia Samuels is invited to go to Tirips Boarding School for free. At first, she feels like any ordinary girl. But when one of her friends appears to have committed suicide, she learns that there is more to her friends than meets the eye...
But time is running out, and the killer is going to strike again. Can she uncover the killers true identity? Will she discover her own secrets? Or is it too late to save anyone?


7. At Peace

The bloodstain had been cleared, but we didn’t need it to prove that Ben’s death was real. It had settled into all of our minds by now. I stood and looked at the crowd in front of me.

Kelsey was standing to the left of the bed, anxiously playing with her long pink hair. Owen was sat on the bed in exactly the same way as he had done when we had found the body. Sophie was sat in the middle of the bed in a similar fashion. Izzy was sat at the other end of the bed, she was slumped and her green eyes stared at her feet. Josh was stood to the right of the bed and he leaned against the railings. Mr White stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

“We all knew that Ben was murdered,” I began, ready to tease the answers out of them, “but we don’t know who, how or why.”

I stood there, staring at each one of them in turn, waiting for a reaction.

“What are you waiting for? Tell us!” Sophie said after a minute.

“I guess I’ll have to carry on,” I sighed, “You all had secrets that were important in figuring out who the killer was.”

“What was Josh and Ben’s argument about? Why was Mr White so quick to say that it was suicide? But the most important thing to think about is one of you is a liar.”

I saw the killer’s feet and legs tense up.

“You see, Ben had a secret. This secret annoyed the killer, driving them to murder. But who was it?” I asked. “You could always make it easier and confess, but I’ve figured you out. You’re proud and, might I say, a very convincing actor. So, how about I start the confession and you can finish.”

“Ben was actually cheating on you, Izzy,” I hated saying it as soon as I saw her disbelieving face, “Josh was the sole other person who knew about it. That morning, He and Ben had an argument about it. I think that our killer overheard this and decided to kill him. I know who they are, why they killed him and how, but my question is, how did they manage it?”

Just as I had suspected, I lost control of my own body and tried to strangle myself. On cue, Josh punched Sophie and my limbs became my own once more.

“It’s clear who you are; I think we all deserve to know why.” I asked Sophie.

“Alright,” a twisted smile worked its way onto her lips, “I’m the person Ben was cheating on Izzy with. He was going to dump me so that he and Izzy could go off and be all perfect. I got inside his head and made him stab himself.”

The face looking at me now was not the same face that I had seen on my first day. A sinister smile broke up her once soft features.

“Is that evidence enough for you Mr White?”


Sophie was taken away and put in a special prison where her powers would be useless and life began to go back to normal.

“I still can’t believe you figured it out so quickly,” Josh said while we were all on the field, “but you said that the killer was going to kill someone else, who?”

“Isn’t it obvious? She was going to kill anyone who knew about her and Ben who would be likely to blab,” I said, “We were in more danger than we thought we were.”

We were so close. Before I could even make sense of what was happening, his lips were against mine.

“Gah, what the heck?” Kelsey said.

I turned round just in time to see her wrap her arms around an unsuspecting Owen and pull him in for a kiss.

I laughed. The world swirled around me once more.

“Thank you…” Ben whispered as everything refocused.

I smiled. My world was at peace. For now…

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