Getting Back Up to Fall Again.

My life basically.
It's inspired by a true story.
My first love.
And heartbreak.


1. Over the Internet?

-Aubree's Point of View-

Finally home from another long day of boring school! Ugh, where's my iPod, I want to get on Facebook before my mom gets home. I log in and see a message from a friend of mine that is saying hello. I reply and we get to talking, just a regular conversation. But then he drops the bomb, a question I dread to come from anyone of the opposite gender's mouth. "Do you like me?". It was especially horrible because I did like him. I made it somewhat obvious I didn't know how to reply but then had to remind myself that I was talking to a nimrod and he probably isn't getting the hint. the I said it. I said yes. I felt like a weight had been lifted when he cheerfully replied that he also like me. I was happy and excited about it. But then I remembered that's I'd have to see him the following day in school, all day long. Shit! What am I going to do? I was freaking out thinking that I'm crazy and shouldn't have said anything and doubted even saying hello back.



-morning time/going to school-

"Bye mom!", I said, trying not to sound horrified.

"Bye, Bre! Have a good day. Love you.  See you when I get home from work."

"Alright. Love you.", I slammed the car door slightly. I tried to blend into the tens of children also waiting to enter the school. Oh, damn!, I thought, there he is. 

I made a b-line for the end of the brick wall, sheltering my face with my hand. I made sure to be unnoticed. The students were then welcomed into their classrooms and went to their assigned seats. He was obviously there. Just across the room, not even searching for me. He was focused on everything but me. Was he ignoring me? Did I already do something wrong? There I go again, over-thinking everything because I have a habit of doing that in every situation I'm in.

But the whole day continued. Nothing to be told. Not one word was spoken to each other and no matter what, he wouldn't return my glance. I went home bewildered at the fact that he likes me but hardly knows me at all and then won't speak to me.

I got home, washed my face and went on Facebook and re-read our conversation. I had just finished when I got a new message. It was from Drew again. He said hi to me and I forgot about the day as I got lost in our conversation. He was so immature in person but so sweet when we were talking just one on one. So I forgot he was like that and then he dropped yet another bomb. A bigger, more explosive bomb. 

You see, me and Drew have known each other for 5 or 6 years but never really got close. So we are more of acquaintances at this point.. not really friends. He was often mentioned in conversations with my close friends but I would only know him from online and small interactions in the classroom.

I don't know what is going through my mind but when he asks me to be his girlfriend, I don't hesitate to say yes.

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