Getting Back Up to Fall Again.

My life basically.
It's inspired by a true story.
My first love.
And heartbreak.


2. Blooming or Collapsing?

I have always know that I'm not the most pretty, popular, creative, or basically anything positive, so when I was asked to take a title of something as noticeable and exciting as being someone's girlfriend, I took it. I liked him, yes, but not as much as liked this other guy, Taylor, who liked me also and I have known longer. I was still happy. When he had to go I had a mini celebration and even told my mom who just said "Cool" and continued with whatever it was she was doing. I went to bed and everything came back to me. What had I gotten myself into?

The next day I entered school with the same terrifying thoughts. Our 'relationship' didn't last very long and had no communication other than over the web. For some reason I didn't try to help it, but was mad that it was the way it was. Life continued and we became closer friends and talked more often. He so often left me wondering where I stood as a part of his life. We had been somewhat friends before, in first grade I would tell him scary stories which always caught his attention and held it until the final word. One day, I ran out of ideas and that's where we stopped really talking. We didn't talk in second or third grade because we were in separate classes. Fourth grade is when this "relationship" blossomed, so to speak. I was a moody, 'what is life?' person for a while that could never make up her mind.

In fifth grade I had my most trouble with bullies and was depressed for quite some time. My only escape was talking to people who seemed to actually want to speak to me an write. I would get mad because all of a sudden Drew started telling me about all his girlfriends and crushes. He had suddenly turned into quite a player. He was asking out everyone but didn't stop at that. No, he felt the need to tell me everytime he looked, talked to, or liked a girl.

It pissed me off to no end. I felt rejected! But then he would, at times, remind me of how he likes me but thn go BACK to telling me how much he likes my friends.



I am trying so hard to use a present tense but if I drift from present to past don't get confused. & sorry that it's short but I haven't updated in a long time.

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