Forever and always

Nicole Keener And her BFF Genea Parks went on a trip to Hawaii... To pass time during summer. When they enter their hotel, Nicole and Genea bumps into the famous boyband in the world, One Direction. Nicole and Genea were big fans of them. And when they found out that their room is shared with the boyband, a big adventure awaits for them all..and who knows if they ever get married, Forever and always...


1. Vacation

Nicole's P.O.V

YES. Summer time, which means, VACATION BABY! "Nicole, do you have any more space in youre luggage?" asked my Bff Genea. "Yeah, why?" Genea stuffed all her One Direction posters, a bag and a clock in my luggage. "Genea, it's not like were gonna move forever. And, why bring your clock?" I asked. "Well, aren't we always late to meet One Direction when we supposed to? They even stay at our hotel, and we miss them. This time, I brang my clock so we are not late to meet them in Hawaii. Plus, Hawaii is a beautiful place so we could take pictur-" I cut her off.

"youre were talking to too much."

"no i wasn't."

Yes you were."


I laughed, Genea rolled her eyes with a giggle. So, as you can see, we are Directioners. I like Harry and Genea likes Louis. Well, I do wonder if were going to meet them this time. I think its about 50% we are going to meet them. "Genea, lets goooo. Were gonna be late!" I said. We zipped up our bags and left.


Genea's P.O.V

The ride to the airport was long, we got stuck in traffic. We went through the security check. "Hey Nicole, can we get a snack? im hungry. Do they have Nandos here?" I said with a smile. "Hmmmm... I dont think so." Nicole replied with a frown. Then Nicole pulled me into McDonalds. "SUPERMANNNN! YOURE SAVING ME FROM STARVING!" I screamed on the top of my lungs with a laugh. Nicole poked my face and asked me what do I want to eat. "Ohhhh, can i have a fishy mcbites mcbites fishy mcbites mcbites?" I sang. Nicole nodded her head and laughed. Then she ordered my food. I ate it and went to our gate. "There was alot of people going to Hawaii, all the seats were taken." Nicole said sitting against the a wall. "Yep, oh look, theres Harry." I said with a smile. Nicole lit up and started to skim her eyes over the seats breathing really fast. "OH MY GOSH WHERE?" Nicole said fast jumping up and down. "Just kidding." I said taking my luggage trying to get away from her. Nicole started to laugh and telling me to come back. "Oh, nevermind. Were on our way to Hawaii!" She said spinning. We went on the plane. And we were off.



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