Forever and always

Nicole Keener And her BFF Genea Parks went on a trip to Hawaii... To pass time during summer. When they enter their hotel, Nicole and Genea bumps into the famous boyband in the world, One Direction. Nicole and Genea were big fans of them. And when they found out that their room is shared with the boyband, a big adventure awaits for them all..and who knows if they ever get married, Forever and always...


2. Hawaii hotel surprise

Nicole's P.O.V

'Woah. Hawaii. Is. AMAYZAYN. Its so warm here! I love it! Lets find our hotel." I said amazed of what I see. "Yeah, guess what? I booked  us a hotel room in the best hotel on Oahu EVA!!!" Genea said pumping her fist in the air. "YESHH. U GO GURL. what hotel is it?" I asked looking confused. "Hilton hotel. LETS GO HIT THE POOL!" Genea said looking proud. We got our bags and luggages and called a taxi. "Hilton hotel please." I said getting in the taxi. The ride was silent but magical. there was alot of Hawaiian culture and the beach, OH MY GOSH. Its full of people and the water is amazingly clear! I said thank you to the taxi driver and got our luggage and bags out of the trunk. "Aloha!" the taxi driver yelled out of the window. I  got a grip of my luggage, looked at Genea and walked in. We walked to the desk. "Aloha, may  help you?" Asked the lady at the desk.


Genea's P.O.V

Nicole looked at me and I knew why. I was the one who booked our hotel room. LOL I forgot. "Were here to sign in into our room." I said. "Oh, ok. Can i have your name?" The lady asked. "Genea and Nicole." I said looking around the lobby. "Oh, i found you two. Ummm.. here. You ladies stay at the room 1D on the 19 floor. Do you want me to show you where it is?" She said with a grin. Hahahaha.. what a big coinsidence. Room 1D. But, im excited cuz 1D, (talking about the band) is staying here. In the hotel. I nodded my head, then the lady looked at the computer and looked at us again. "Oh one more thing before I show you the room, you are going to have to share a room with a group of people. Because you have booked the biggest room in the hotel." The lady said. "Aww fudge. Genea, see what have you done?" Nicole said laughing. " wont be that bad." I said looking serious. Then the lady took some of our bags and told us to follow her. We went up the elevator into the 19th floor.


Nicole's P.O.V

Hahaha its a bit funny that Genea booked us the biggest room in the hotel. I think that it wont be really bad. We got off the elevator. The lady gave our bags back and told us to go straight and just look for the room number. "Just call me if you need help. My name is Crystal." the lady said. Then she waved and the elevator door closed. I found our room and unlocked the door. I could tell that the group of people were already there. I heard talking. And running. Crap, it might be kids. "Hey, Nicole. Who do you think is in there?" asked Genea. "I have no idea. just cross your fingers and hope the best." I replied. The door was unlocked and i twisted the doorknob. It was sudddenly silent in the room. I pushed the dor open and looked inside...

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