Forever and always

Nicole Keener And her BFF Genea Parks went on a trip to Hawaii... To pass time during summer. When they enter their hotel, Nicole and Genea bumps into the famous boyband in the world, One Direction. Nicole and Genea were big fans of them. And when they found out that their room is shared with the boyband, a big adventure awaits for them all..and who knows if they ever get married, Forever and always...


4. Cheated.

Genea's POV

OMG One Direction are our roommates. Harry and Nicole went somewhere so it was just me and the boys. "I am hungry!" I whined to Liam who was watching tv. "Get some food then." He said laughing. "Niall wanna come to Nandos with me??" I asked crossing my fingers."OMG YESSSS LETS GOO!" He screamed grabbing his keys and running out the door. I squealed and ran after him. We jumped in a taxi and drove to Nandos. "So Niall, want to be food buddies?" I asked in between eating my Perri Perri chicken. "Yeah sounds good." he replied. We finished eating and caught a taxi back to the apartment here Nicole was asleep on Harry's lap. I rolled my eyes and jumped on the couch. "New girlfriend you got there Harry?" asked Louis. I laughed and rolled off the couch and sat at the table and took one of louis's chips. "Hey that was mine." he said getting up. I screamed and rn over to the couch and I felt two strong arms pic m up and put me over their shoulder. OMG louis was so strong. I kicked and punched louis telling him to let me go. He dropped me on the chouch and layed on me "Get off you fat pig." I said sarcastically. He gasped and rubbed his tummy. "i am not fat." He said getting up and walking to the table this time protecting his chips. i giggled and yawned. I rubbed y eyes and unexpectedly ran into the wall. I laughed and walked into my bedroom that I got to myself.

Nicole's P.O.V

I heard screaming so I woke up to ee what was wrong. I saw louis sitting on Genea. I rolled my eyes and looked at Harry who was on the phone to someone. "Ok baby see you tomorrow. love you." He sid smiling. I thought he loved me. Ok. You can't fall in love the second you met them. i got up and walked into Genea's room to see her picking out a bikini. "Heyy, does Harry have a gf?" I asked her whilst jumping on her bed. "Remeber he i dating Taylor Swift." She said grabbing her sky blue bikini and walking into the bathroom. "Ohh right but he kissed me before." I replied. She screamed and louis ran through the door. "I heard a scream and I came to save the day." He said looking around. Genea ran out of te bathroom and jumped on Louis. Her legs wrapped around his waist. "What is wrong love?" He asked. "Cock- cockroach." she stuttered. She got down and she was only wearing her bikini and mini demin shorts. sh grabbed some stuff and ran outside probably to the pool. Lousi took off his shirt and ran after her. Harry cheated on Taylor with Me. No no no no no. I can't be a cheater. I am going to stay away from Harry.

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