April Hagrid #1- The Sorcerer's Stone

You know the groundskeeper from hogwarts? He has a daughter Harry's age named april. She has had the adventures with the three friends but has never been talked about.


3. Trying to sugar coat it

For a famous place, it was very dark and shabby. A few old women were sitting in a corner, drinking tiny glasses of sherry. One of them was smoking a long pipe. A little man in a top hat was talking to the old bartender, who was quite bald and looked like a toothless walnut. The low buzz of chatter stopped when they walked in. Everyone seemed to know Hagrid; they waved and smiled at him, and the bartender reached for a glass, saying, "The usaul, Hagrid?"

"Can't Tom, I'm on Hogwarts business," said Hagrid, clapping his great hand on Harry's shoulder and making Harry's knees buckle. 

"Good lord," said the bartender, peering at Harry, "is this— can this be—?"

The leaky cauldron had suddenly gone completely still and silent. 

"Bless my soul," whispered the old bartender, "Harry Potter… what an honor"

"Tom, Harry is just like us. He isn't much different than us." April said. 

Tom just ignored April and whispered to Harry, "Can you meet some of my costumers?" 

"He most certainly isn't." April protested. 

Harry looked at the girl who used to barely talk to him and smiled. "It's fine April. It'll only take a minute." Harry said. 

"Dad?" April looked at her father. 

"It's alrigh' April." Hagrid said. 

April stamped her foot like a two-year old having a tantrum, and sat on a bench at a table.

Hagrid led Tom to a elderly witch who shook his hand and said, "I've always wanted to meet you Mr. Potter." After Harry had met almost everyone Hagrid took him and April to a man in a turban. 

"Harry, April meet Proffeser Quirell. He is the new Defense agains' the dark arts teacher."

"Hello Hagrid. April and Harry you seem like you'll be two of my best students." 

April blushed. "Why thank you Proffeser I hope you don't get hurt like the other 11 I've counted to leave after only a ye-" 

Hagrid covered her mouth before she could finish. "An acive imagination she 'as." He said. 

But April uncovered her mouth clearly as strong as her father and said, "Don't try to sugar coat it dad." 

"Ok. We 'ought to be going. See you at Hogwarts professer." Hagrid said. 


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