April Hagrid #1- The Sorcerer's Stone

You know the groundskeeper from hogwarts? He has a daughter Harry's age named april. She has had the adventures with the three friends but has never been talked about.


8. Most of the train ride

April's pov 

Ron was talking to Harry and I. 

"I heard you were living with Muggles Harry. What are they like?"

"The ones he lives with are Horrible." I said. 

We talked about our lives and then a smiling woman with the cart full of sweets. I couldn't get any because I didn't have any money. Ron had sandwiches from home. Harry jumped up and went out into the corridor. When Harry came back in he had some of everything. Ron and I stared at him as he put it all on an empty seat. 

"Hungry, are you?" Ron asked. 

"Starving." Harry replied. 

I got out some of my dad's rock cakes he sent me and hit it against the wall. It broke a little but I didn't eat it. 

"I'll swap you guys for whatever you like." Harry said. 

"Oh. You wouldn't like it it's as hard as a rock." I said. 

"Same here. The corn beef is dry." 

"Go on." Harry said. 

"Okay. I'll take a Cauldron Cake so you won't bother me." I said. 

"What are these?" Harry asked Ron, holding up a pack of Chocolate Frogs. 

"They're not real Frogs." I assured him. 

"See what the card is. I'm missing Agrippa." Ron said. 

"What?" Harry asked. 

I looked out the window and saw the beautiful countryside. I ignored the boys until there was a knock on the compartment door. A boy with a round-face came in looking tearful. 

"Excuse me have you seen a toad at all?" 

When we shook our heads he wailed, "I've lost him! He keeps getting away from me?"

"Have you tried summoning him with magic?" I asked. 

"No." He replied. 

"I'll help you then." I said. "Accio, toad." 

A toad suddenly flew in and I gave it to the boy. 

"Thank you so much." He said. 

Then he left. 

Ron rummaged through his trunk and pulled out a very battered looking wand. It was chipped in places and something white was glinting at the end. 

A girl came in right when Ron was going to make his rat yellow. And the boy who had lost his toad was with her. She was already wearing her new Hogwarts robes. 

"Has anyone seen a toad? Neville's lost one," she said. I thought she had a bossy sort of voice, she had lots of bushy brown Hair, and rather large front teeth. 

"He lost it again?" Ron said. But the girl wasn't listening she was looking at the wand in his hand. 

"Oh your doing magic? Let's see it, then."

She sat down and Ron looked taken aback. 

"Er– all right."

Ron cleared his throat. 

"Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow,

Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow."

He waved his wand, but nothing happened. Scabbers stayed gray and fast asleep. We found out the girl was Hermione Granger and she read all the course books by heart like me. 

"I'm Ron Weasley." Ron muttered. 

"April Hagrid." I said. 

"Harry Potter." Harry said. 

"Are you really?" Hermione said. "I know about you, of course — I got a few extra books for backround reading, and you're in Modern Magical History and The rise and fall of the Dark arts and Great Wizarding events of the Twentiuth Century." 

"You read those too. I like Hogwarts, a History better though." I said. 

"I agree with your book choices." She replied. 

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