April Hagrid #1- The Sorcerer's Stone

You know the groundskeeper from hogwarts? He has a daughter Harry's age named april. She has had the adventures with the three friends but has never been talked about.


7. Kings Cross

April pov 

I got out of my sleeping bag and saw that Spot, my owl, came back with a letter from my dad. 

Dear April, 

Fang misses you. I wish you were back already but at least you are going on the train today. So I'll see you soon. Make sure the Dursleys stop beating Harry before you two leave. 



I got into some muggle clothes then went downstairs into the kitchen. When Dudley saw me he ran out remembering what my father did to him. He still had the tail to prove it. Vernon looked at me frightened. 

"Will you please drive Harry and I to King's Cross station today? We need to get on the train for Hogwarts." I said. 

Vernon looked shocked at how polite I was and said, "Yes. We need to take Dudley to the hospital anyway to get rid of what your father gave him." 

"I'm very sorry. He could get mad real easy." I replied. It felt wrong to be polite to these Muggles. But I had to convince them to take us to the station. 

"You should go make sure you have everything in your trunk for Hogwarts." Harry suddenly came in. 

Vernon had a purple face. I knew he was angry so I waited for the outburst, but instead he said, "Go get ready. We're leaving soon."

When we were in Harry's room he looked at me. "How did you get him so calm?" 

"I just apologized for stuff he thought seemed inappropriate." 

"Even if you thought it was dumb he was mad about it?" 

"Yep. Works all the time." 

        *         *        *

Still April's pov 

We arrived at King's cross at a quarter til 10 and I looked for platform nine and three quarters. I forgot how to get their. Then I saw Fred and George Weasley with their mum. 

"Hey. Fred, George!" I yelled. 

They waved Harry and I over. "I thought you would already be there." Fred said. 

"Well I stayed at a friends house for some of the summer." 

"Hi." Harry said. His scar showed for a minute and George hit Fred to make sure he saw. 

"Ok Percy. You go first." Mrs. Weasley said. 

Percy had red hair and glasses he was the third oldest. He ran into the wall between platforms 9 and 10. I hit my head for forgetting that. Fred and George went next. Than I went and waited for Harry.

"That is so cool." Harry said. 

"I know." I said. We got into an compartment and I saw Fred and George outside the window.

"Mum. That was Harry Potter with April. I'm sure of it." George said. 

"Do you think he remembers what Voldemort looks like?" Fred asked George. 

"Don't you dare ask him Fred." Their mother said. 

"Mum can I go in and see him please?" Their younger sister said. 

"No you may not Ginny. The train is leaving in a second." 

The conductor yelled at all the students to come in. Fred and George's younger brother came in and asked, "Can I come in?" 

I nodded and he came in and sat across from Harry and I. 

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