I found her, now she's mine.

Katrina Jones was only 9 years old when she was left in a huge house and no one to look after her. Her dad died in war and her mom was a normal person who just suddenly decided not to come home from work. But 3 years later when a member of the biggest boy band finds her, her life will change...


6. Chapter 5

Katrina's POV

I wake up in this big bedroom. Then i remember that i am with One Direction.
I never thought i was going to say that! I walk down stairs and see Harry cooking waffles with eggs and bacon. He turns around and sees me.
"Hello Kitten!" Harry says making me a plate
"Yeah! Since your name is Kat! Your nickname is now Kitten!" I laugh. "The boys are in the living room watching Tom and Jerry if you want to join them!" He hands me my plate and i walk in the room with excitment.
"Hey Guys!" I say to the boys
"Hello Kat!" They all say in unison. Go over to where Zayn is sitting in the chair and just sit on his lap. Not even caring, but i think Liam and Niall cared because i look over at them and they are making pouty face at me. I just laugh.
"Oh! I see how you are. First you dont sit with me then you go ahead and laugh at me!" Niall says crossing his arms. I feel bad so i get up and go sit with Niall.
"YAY!" He yells! Then he reaches for i piece of my bacon. I slap his hand away.
"Dont touch my food!" I say in all seriousness. I feel warm arms wrap around me.
"I love this girl!!" Niall says the kisses my cheek. Then i feel my face becomming red.

Zayn's POV

"Awww. Look Nialler you made her blush!!" I say pointing at Kat.
"Shut up!" She says "hay wheres Lou?!" Noticing he is not with us.
"Oh he went back to your house to get his guitar." As I say that Louis comes running into the room with Niall's guitar and a piece of paper.
"What's that" Kat points to the paper
"It is a flyer saying that you havent paid your house whatever and it is scheduled for demolition on thursday" Louis says panting in between words.
I look back at Kat and she's crying into Niall and He and Liam are rubbing her back and saying "its okay everythings alright"
"Where am i going to go now!?" She cries.
"You can stay with us!" I say "right boys?!" They nod.
At this moment Harry comes in "What is happening?"
"KAT IS STAYING WITH US!!" Louis screams

Liam's POV

*beep* *beep* i grab my phone and see that Dani texted me

From: Dani <3
Hay the girls and i will be there in a half hour. We are so excited to meet Kat!!

To: Dani <3
Okay! Before you come can you grab a cute outfit at the mall for her!? I love you!

From: Dani <3
Sure!  I love you too!

Katrina's POV

We turn back to Tom and Jerry. I try to get up and put my dish away but Niall still has his arms around me "You will never escape me!!" He says as a try to wiggle out. As I do that he just tightens his grip. Bad idea Kat.

Niall's POV

Kat will never escape! "You are trapped here forever" i say to her as she tries to get out of my hug.
"Ew!" She says
"What do you mean 'ew'?!" I drop my arms and before i can bring them back up she runs into the kitchen. Then comes back and sits on my lap again.
The door rings and Louis goes up and gets it. "Hay girls" yay! Lucy's here! The girls come in to the living room.
"Hi Lucy!" I say she comes ove and sits next to me and Kat. "Girls. Meet Kat!" They all wave and say Hello. Then Perrie walks up to Kat and hands her a bag.
"Since we cant go on a shopping spree right now we bought you an outfit and some makeup!" Perrie exclaims "Now lets see you in it!" She grabs Kat's hand and they run upstairs into Zayn's room.

Kat's POV

These girls are so nice but i dont know who they are. "I dont know your names. You guys went so fast downstairs!"
"Sorry!" The one who handed me the bag said "I'm Perrie! Zayn's girlfriend!" Then she pionted to a girl with long brown hair "thats Eleanor. Louis' girlfriend!"
"Call me El!"
Then to a girl with brown curly hair "thats Danielle. Liam's girlfriend!"
"You can call me Dani!"

"thats Lucy! Niall's girlfriend." pointing to the girl next to Dani

"I dont have a nickname." she says

"and thats Sarah!" 

"Harry's girlfriend. Let me guess!" They laugh at my sassyness and I run to the bathroom and change into the outfit they bought me. It was a pair of floral jeans, a British flag shirt and pair of TOMS! I come back out and they sit me down and El does my hair, Perrie and Sarah do my makeup, and Lucy and Dani get me some jewlery. 

"Ta-Da!" Sarah says once they are down with my make-up. I look in the mirror and damn.... I havent looked this good in.. forever! 

"Oh. mah lord. I look good!" 

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