I found her, now she's mine.

Katrina Jones was only 9 years old when she was left in a huge house and no one to look after her. Her dad died in war and her mom was a normal person who just suddenly decided not to come home from work. But 3 years later when a member of the biggest boy band finds her, her life will change...


5. Chapter 4

~ok well i lied i am so sorry my fluffy munchkins! I'm going to use something frome pointlessblog on youtube so... HERE WE GO!!~

Harry's POV
I cant beleive Louis thought bringing a random teenage girl in our flat was a good idea?! She seems cool though "So how old are you? Kat?" I ask trying to break the scilence.
"Im twelve. My birthday is on November 23rd" She says grabbing her dark brown hair to one side. "Thats in a couple weeks!" She smiles and nods.
"Is your name actually Kat?" Liam asks.
"No its Katrina, but most people call me Kat"
I look at my phone and its already 6:00. "Hey guys... And girl! What would you like for dinner? We could order pizza...."
"Pizza sounds good!" Niall says. With everyone else agreeing.
Liam orders the pizza and the rest of us are kind of sitting in the living room awkwardly. "Wanna play truth or dare?" Louis and I say at the same time. "Sure!" Everyone says. at this moment in time (1d song reference!) Liam decides to join us.
"I will go first!" I say "Kat! Truth or Dare?"
"What is your secret talent?"

Kat's POV

"What is your secret talent?" Harry asks.
"Hmmmm..... I did dance for a couple years." I look over and see Liam with the most excited look on his face.

Liam's POV

She can dance!! That is amazing! I have to tell Dani! "Okay" she says "Louis, Truth or Dare?"
"I dare you to call #45 in your contacts and tell them you have an apple stuck in your bum." She says with a devilish grin. "Oh! And it has to be on speaker!"
I look over at Louis and he looks at her with the most serious face Louis could ever pull and says "Challenge excepted!" He scrolls through his phone and shouts excitedly! "Guess who it is." No one wants to guess so Louis tells us anyway. "It's our little ginger friend Ed Sheeran"
He presses call and it rings... This will be fun!

~guys okay so L: is Louis E: is Ed btw this is the pointlessblog part~

Louis' POV

E: Hey Lou! Whats up?!
L: Hey Ed! I kinda have a problem...
E: uhh what is it?
L: i kinda have and apple stuck up my bum.
E: i dont even wanna know how that happened!
L: yeah.. Im not even quite sure how it happened. im also not sure how to get it out. Could you help me?
E: um you could try pulling it out but the only good thing i could help you with is yo see a doctor...
L: oh. I never thought of that!!! Thanks bye!

I hang up and everyone starts laughing! "It wasnt as funny as i hoped but still..." I say
"I wonder how Ed felt about that convosation?!" Harry says
The door bell rings and Niall jumps up from where he's sitting to go get the pizza. That boy sure loves his food.

Harry's  POV

"Hay while we eat do you want to watch a scary movie?" I ask.
"I have no problem with that" Kat says. So we all find a seat after we get food. On the couch is Zayn Kat and Louis, in the chair is Niall and Liam and I sit on the floor. Kat offered to sit on the floor but we all objected.  "Parnormal activity 3?" Louis says yes with out any other comments.
We are at the part where the little girl is being pulled up by her hair. I look back Kat has her face burried in Zayn's chest and Louis is scrunched up in a ball. Then i look at Niall... And he's not there. Then i look next to me and he is just sitting there holding Liam's arm as if he were to let go he was going to die.

Zayn's POV

The movie ended and Kat is sitting next to me asleep. I look at Lou and he whispers "she can sleep in my room and i can sleep in Harry's" So i pick her up bridal style and carry her up the stairs to Lou's  room and gentally lay her in the bed trying not to wake her and pull the covers up. "Good night Sleeping Beauty." I kiss the top of her head and walk out.

Louis' POV

"Harry. Is it okay if i stay in your room tonight?"
"Sure why?"
"Cause Kat fell asleep so i put her in my room." He nods and walks to the table with his bowl of icecream. "So what do you guys think of Kat?"
"She is really sweet." Liam says also sitting down at the table
"Luvely!" Niall whisper shouts
"I agree with Liam." Harry says with a mouthful of icecream
At that moment Zayn comes down smiling "Who? Kat?" I nod answering his question "She is adorable"

Niall's POV

"She can meet the girls tomorrow!" I exclaim.
"Yeah! Sarah just texted me saying that her shoot was cancelled. So she can come!" Harry says excitedly. Sarah is perfect for Harry! Though i got to say Lucy is pretty amazing!
"We can go to the carnival!" Louis says
"Yeah she hang with Dani and i for part of the day and she can hang out with Niall and Lucy for part of the day. Then Lou and El. And Harry and Sarah! So she can learn to trust us a little more. We all agree with that plan and text our girlfriends.

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