I found her, now she's mine.

Katrina Jones was only 9 years old when she was left in a huge house and no one to look after her. Her dad died in war and her mom was a normal person who just suddenly decided not to come home from work. But 3 years later when a member of the biggest boy band finds her, her life will change...


4. Chapter 3

Katrina's POV

This random person asks me to come over their house and I say yes... Really Katrina? Really? 

"Do you like tacos?" Boy he sure has a lot of questions!

"Yeas! I love Tacos!!!" Louis nods in approval. "How far away is your flat? Are we gonna walk?"

"My flat is down the street. Do you see that house all the way over there? The one with the brown roof? That's mine!" 

"That's so pretty!" I said in amazement. 

"Get on my back!" Yes! I love piggy back rides!

"Okay!" I get on his back and he keeps walking forward. Then out of the blue he starts running forward! At full speed! We get to his house and he puts me down "You can call me Kat." He gives me the weirdest face ever and opens the door. There are people and they are shouting stuff at Louis. "Louis!!!" A curly haired one said giving him a hug. "Hey Lou. Who's that?" The curly haired one said referring to me.

"That's my new bestie! Kat!" I smile and wave. "You guys know that really big house at the end of the street where no one lives?" They all nod "WRONG! That's where Kat lives!"

"All by yourself?!" Someone says. I nod hastily. "Oh my gosh! Why?" 

"Okay enough question Daddy Direction! We haven't even indroduced our selves!" The blonde one says. "I'm Niall!" HE points to the curly haired one, "That's Harry!"

"You can call me Hazza though!"

Niall points at a boy with brown hair, "That's Liam, otherwise known as Daddy Direction!" Liam smiles. Now Niall points to a guy with black hair and a quiff, "and That's Zayn!" He waves.


 Hallo my sexy llamas!

Sorry for the short chapeter! I have huge writers block! 

Sorry I will make the next chapters soon!!


Harry's Girlfriend: Sarah / Louis'sBooBearCarrot

Niall's Girlfriend: Lucy / Lucy202


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