I found her, now she's mine.

Katrina Jones was only 9 years old when she was left in a huge house and no one to look after her. Her dad died in war and her mom was a normal person who just suddenly decided not to come home from work. But 3 years later when a member of the biggest boy band finds her, her life will change...


2. Chapter 2

Katrina's POV


*3 years later*

I don't know why my mom left me, but she did. She was just a normal person. She didn't smoke, drink, or did drugs. i hope. We were a good family. Broken but we stuck together. 

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of someone playing the guitar. I looked out the window to see a guy with brown hair who is dressed like a sailor. He's wearing red skinny jeans and a navy blue and white striped shirt. He looks over at me and i duck but I think he may have seen me. 

I stay crouched down on the floor for a minute. Once I think he's gone I decide to look. I slowly stand up and... HOLY CRAP HE'S STANDING LIKE ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF ME!!!! "Holy shit!"  I dont know what to do so I run up stairs to my mom's old bedroom. 

Louis' POV

"Hay that was not very nice!" I call after her. I don't hear anything after that so i decide to walk up the stairs after her. "Hello? Where did you go?" I turn and walk into what looked like the master bedroom. I slowly walk in there, I see her crawled underneath the sheets of the bed that's in there. I took a step forward and said "Hallo. My name is Louis Tomlinson." 

She pulls the covers down so I can see her face. "You look familiar." 

"I'm in a band. One Direction? Have you heard or it?" 

"Yeah. I hear your songs on the radio."

"That's great! Whats your name?" I walk towards her.


"Come out of there and walk with me." that was kind of abrupt but I wanted to introduce her to the boys "Come on! We are going to be Besties!"

"Okay." She stood up and she walked over towards me. So I took her hand and we walked down stairs. I could tell that she was scared. But I don't know why? You can trust a random guy who called you their bestie before you even knew them. Well never mind about that. 

"So where do you live?" I asked leaving the mansion

"Right there." She pointed at the place we just left

"Where are your parents?" 

"My Dad is dead and I don't know where she is i haven't seen her in 3 years." I was shocked! 

"Okay... Are you hungry?" She nodded "Do you want to come to my flat and eat?" 

"What the heck!" 

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