He's No Good

Steph has newly moved to London in hope of starting over. Her past has been hard to deal with, but distance has made her stronger. She wants to make friends, but just friends. She can't let herself fall all over again...she must remain single to remain strong.

One day this all changes when boy with a similar past, walks into her work. She was warned to stay away, but darkness is just so alluring...


2. What now- 2

"Hello doll, don't looked so shocked to see me." When i don't respond Louis continued, "'Oh, and please don't stop singing on behalf of me, it was lovely."

"I was humming. Not singing." I snap at him, trying to hide my blush by looking at my feet. I could sense his gaze, and when i blushed deeper, he took his hand out of his jacket pocket, and lifted my chin so we were eye to eye. I could tell he was about to say something, when i grabbed his hand. 

"Oh my gosh," i hiss through my teeth as i examine the deep gashes on Louis's knuckles. I brush my finger over them, causing him to wince and fist up his hand. This tension on his skin causes the new wounds to begin to bleed, and his jaw clenches up when i reach out to take it again. 

"Steph, just leave it." He rips his hand out of my grip and stuffs it back into his jacket pocket. 

"God, are you really that stubborn! I just met you, and i already know your type! Why won't you let me help you? It's the least i can do..." i realize I'm rambling, but i continue. "Wait, how do you know my name? How do you know where i work? Why are you here?" My inquisition doesn't even seem to phase Louis. It actually causes a devilish smirk to smear across his face. God, why is he so perfect? I decide to withhold the grin he is causing to tug at my lips, and i hold his gaze, letting him know that i want answers. Finally he sighs, and tells me what i want.

"I know your name, because Darcey told me," i begin to interrupt to ask how he knows Darcey, but he held up his finger, silencing me. "Patience love, i need time. Darcey is a family friend, which is also how i knew you would be working here with her." A family friend? Didn't Darcey mention how i shouldn't be around him? I wanna hear what she has to say before i bring it up to him. He pulls me out of my thoughts by continuing. "You are so beautiful when you are thinking...oh and why am i here again? Oh yes, i dropped you off this morning and i regret not staying till you woke up. So how are you? Does your head hurt? Could i get you something?" I begin blinking rapidly, trying to make sense of everything he said.

"Actually, my head does hurt, i forgot to take medicine. But hey, i have to get back to work, Darcey is giving me the stink eye". I confess, winking at him and try to walk by him. Before i can get far, he grabs my wrists and tugs me in close, so our chest are pressed up to each other. I know i should try to step back, but he's so alluring, so i remain close. "Do you need something, or do you just want to embarrass me at work?"

"Oh there is many things i need," his husky voice begins, "but let begin with me driving you home. You said your head hurts? How would some tea and a movie date with me sound for tonight?" he looks me straight in the eye, and i don't think i could ever say no to his loyal eyes. 

Before i can answer with a sassy and flirtatious yes, Darcey walks up, causing Louis to release me from his grip. God, i wish he didn't, he smelt intoxicating. She cleared her voice, hoping we would speak, but when we don't she wasted no time in eliminating the silence. "Hey Louis. Do i have to remind you of our deal? Steph there is some boxes we need stocked up before you head out. It shouldn't take you long." When i don't move she snaps at me. "Now!" She has never spoken to me like that, and i really want to know what changed. Clearly it had to do with Louis, but this isn't the time or place to bring it up. I give Louis a quick, apologetic look, and shuffle to the back of the shop. 

I hear Darcey and Louis having a muffled back and forth, but I'm too tired and too out of it to attempt eavesdropping. I know Darcey will tell me tonight, so i quickly finish with the stock, and i am thankful that it is 4:08, meaning i can clock out. I'm not mad at Darcey, but i am slightly annoyed; when i hear her yell that she is staying till closing, I'm relieved by the thought of going home and being able to clear my mind of today's events without being lectured. 


I'm washed up and drinking some bubble tea in the living room, when Darcey and Leighton finally arrive home. Leighton rushes in wanting all the dish about Louis, and Darcey glares at the back of her head and rolls her eyes at her excitement. If looks could kill...

Luckily there wasn't much to tell with Louis, and I'm able to get Leighton off my back within 20 minutes. When Leighton head upstairs to call her boyfriend Zayn, I am able to get Darcey to tell me everything about Louis. 

Apparently his mom and Darcey's mom were childhood friends, and they moved to London a year after Darcey'd family did. Louis and Darcey were inseparable until Secondary school, when Louis started hanging out with his brother Harry, and his friends. Harry was always in trouble, and constantly getting kicked out of schools. Darcey said Louis never would have turned out the way he did without Harry. He was sweet, and kind before; after, he was cold and detached. 

Maybe he has changed from how she knew him. He was so careful with me, and he touched me so gently; like i was porcelain. 

Not long after getting in with the wrong groups of people, he began getting into fights with the Harry's friends, and managed to even get on Harry's bad side. That is when Darcey couldn't take it anymore and told him they couldn't be friends. She hoped it would snap him out of his ways, but leaving him friendless and in solitude only made him worse. 

She ensured me that she didn't know the rest of his story, and she wanted to keep it that way. A part of me understands where she is coming from, but the rest of me wants to hear his side. Being rejected from his family, and his oldest friend. I know how being uprooted like that can hurt, and i just want to sooth his pain, and heal those wounds. His physical wounds, and mental. Oh crap his hand will get infected if he doesn't get it cleaned up...

Darcey has been staring at me for about 10 minutes, waiting for me to promise her i won't see him. All that time my mind was going in a million tangents about Louis. However, the more i think about him, the more i can't give her that promise. 

I abruptly stand and kiss the top of her head. Without saying a word, i saunter to my room, aimlessly thinking about Louis. I wish i knew how to get a hold of him, because at this moment, all i want to do is talk to him, and get his side. I clearly was attracted to him, and i know i shouldn't be. Those two factors collided together to make an irresistible combination. Before i crawled into bed, i made a pact with myself, that i would give him the benefit of doubt. With that blissful thought, i quickly drifted off into a dreamless sleep. 

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