He's No Good

Steph has newly moved to London in hope of starting over. Her past has been hard to deal with, but distance has made her stronger. She wants to make friends, but just friends. She can't let herself fall all over again...she must remain single to remain strong.

One day this all changes when boy with a similar past, walks into her work. She was warned to stay away, but darkness is just so alluring...


4. Unexpected danger- 4

Truth be told, i couldn't help but try the number earlier than 11! I mean i know i said i could wait, but there was nothing on TV and the girls went out with their boyfriends, Niall and Zayn. So i was told i'd have the morning to myself, and that idea was frightening. Frankly, before moving to London, i was never alone. I was always being watched after, no matter what. Company grew to be very comforting, and i needed comfort for such a ballsy move I'm about to make. 

So when i called, it was at about 9:30, but i got no answer. He didn't even have an answering machine, which was highly suspect. He is probably still asleep, and i don't want to further bother him so i decide to drop it. If he really liked me, he would have got a hold of me. 

I hate having such strong feelings for him, and right now, my emotions mostly consisted of loathing him for making me think so irrationally. I told myself i would come to London, and not worry about guys because they only can hurt you. I was right then, and I'm feeling very stupid for not remembering that hurt. I remember it now, because I'm feeling it now.

To clear my mind i need an activity that will be tedious, and consuming. In movies, people run in these situations, so why not? That task sounds awful enough to make me realize my life isn't gonna end because of stupid Louis.  So i put on some running shorts, a Nike pullover, and slip on a pair of old tennis shoes.

Listening to music always gets my mind off of things, so I'll also drown out all thoughts by listening to Parachute at full blast. I check myself out in the mirror while i put my hair in a pony-tail, and i actually look like i run regularly. Haha what an illusion.

I grab my cell and some cash, cos you never know what could happen. 


I walk through the park, doing what i promised i wouldn't- thinking. I started walking to catch my breath, but in reality, I ran 1 mile, and i have walked the other 2. Since i left the house, the sun has unfortunately disappeared behind a group of ominous clouds, making the decent 65 degree temperature, drop to about 50 with a light breeze. 

I know i was being stubborn by not wanting to go home yet even though i was cold, but i intended to clear my head with this run and that's just what I'm gonna do. 

I'm just reaching the end of the park, and i decided running will be better for completing my task, no matter how much my muscles burn. First, i see a store around the corner with a bench out front, so i think i will fetch a water bottle and take a break before i continue on my mission. 

When i get inside, i realize how sketchy it really is, but the people there were nice, so i decided staying was a safe bet. 

While sitting on the bench, i play on my phone, and i have the overwhelming urge to call Louis again, just to see if he answers. I mean he has no way of knowing it was me who called earlier because of his lack of answering machine. 

Finally i just say fuck it and hit redial, realizing how good of an idea this run really was. The phone rings 3 times, and right as I'm about to give in and hang up, a familiar voice answers the phone panting. 

"Hey sorry I'm running late for something, can you making this quick?" his response caught me off guard.

"Uhhh...is this Louis?" I knew it was because of his voice. I don't know why i had to act so stupid.

"Yeah, uh who is this?" he seem very suspecting of me, and i don't know why.

"This is Steph. The one... you um...helped?" Shit, I'm the least smooth person ever. I hate myself for sounding so vapid. 

"Oh hey love!" he immediately perks up, which excites me. "Doll, if this is your number, i will call you on it later. Like i said I'm running very late to a meeting with some lads. So I'll call you, say, about 2? Until then!" he hung up then. Without a proper goodbye, or allowing me time to reciprocate the favor. 

He is just running late somewhere, and i know it isn't personal, but it still stings. 

I realize that I'm shivering, so i chug my water and stand. When i do, i notice two men standing against the building next to the store. They are glaring at me, with their handing in their pockets. I grew up in a city, so this behavior barely phases me, because every time these situations came up, nothing ever happened. It was just an irrational fear that someone would attack you, but this is a nice part of town and a bunch of people around.

 I stretch out my legs, throw out my water bottle, and i start to pick up my pace to run past them. Once I'm about 5 feet past them, they call out to me.

"Sweetie! March that sweet ass back here and answer a question for me." I Ignore him and i continue on. I thought i was free, until a second later i hear him say "Go get her and let me teach her a lesson about not listening."

I know i couldn't outrun anyone if i tried, so i came to a halt, and whip my head around to look at the men. There were endless possibilities that he could do to me, and it would be only worse if he had to wait for his minion to drag me back. I strode up to them, trying to portrait as much confidence as i possibly could.

"Much better hun. Now please tell me i didn't hear you say Louis on the phone a bit ago?" I didn't know whether it was a question or statement, but why the fuck does he deserve to know who i was chatting with. 

"I don't know what you heard, but i don't think it matters who i was talking to. That's my business." This makes his face twist into a horrifying smirk. 

"A mouth like that could get you in trouble. Especially with me. But it's cute for now, so i won't do anything about it yet. Just make this easy for me and tell me if you were talking to my dear ole friend Louis Tomlinson?" 

"I was actually. How did you know that? Why does it matter that i was talking to him?" I'm suddenly very curious why he cares about Louis so much. Before he answers me, he grabs my wrists and drags me to the side of the building, covering my mouth so i couldn't scream. Finally, i was able to get into perfect position to bite his hand, and i am thankfully able to draw blood, and scream for any help i could get. 

I never should have done that. My karate skills came to mind, but right as i was about to execute a jab, he slams me into a brick wall. My head is throbbing and it feels warm, like it's bleeding. I put my hand up to feel it, but when i try, he digs my hand into the wall, scraping it on the rough surface until it is covered in blood. 

"Sweetheart, you shouldn't be messed up with boys like Louis. He's no good. Let me tell you, that means a lot coming from me." He winks at me as tears begin to dribble down my face from the pain. I knew i had to fight back, but i didn't know how without my hands. So i did the next logical thing, and i kicked him right in the balls.

He drops to the ground, releasing me. "Get that little shit!" He screams at his friend as my sore legs push me towards the road, faster than i have ever moved before. With about 10 feet left to the road, his friend jumps at me, tackling me to the ground. Why is no one walking by to help? It's most likely because it began sprinkling a bit ago. 

He pulls me to my feet and chucks me over his shoulder without any effort. When we are back, the man stands up, and punches me in the gut, causing me to topple over. Before i could though, he restrains my arms to pin me in place and endure his assault. 

He brings his lips to my ears and hisses, "where is that pussy? He was suppose to meet us right when you called him. Why was he still at home? Are you working for him, and telling him what to expect? I made it very clear to him what would happen at this meeting, and knowing that he doesn't trust me brings tears to my eyes. I thought we were closer than that."

"What the fuck are you rambling about? I'm no spy! I can't even defend myself you prick! I called him becau-" he cut me off before my explanation by kicking my knee, causing me to scream out in pain. I think he broke my leg, i couldn't stand on it, but he was forcing me to stay put by holding all my weight up.

"Lets just say this will be a message to you and your little boyfriend. I do things on my terms, and i don't accept tardiness. That's not how business works." Just as he finished his threat, we both turn our head because his friend was grunting.

Louis stood over him, kicking him in the ribs and slammed him head into the ground as a final blow. When he looked up at me, he looked terrified, but not for his safety-for mine.

"Claus, is this really how you treat women? I thought you were better than that. Oh well, it makes me feel better about doing what i planned on doing." He strides at us, never breaking the intense gaze between Claus and himself. 

Claus finally release's causing my to cry out in sheer agony as my knee crushes under me, and i fall to the ground. When i gained enough strength to shift my body to see what was happening, I'm surprised to see Claus bleeding on the ground, clearly unconscious.

How was he able to take him down so easily? Claus was so strong and remorseless. 

Before Louis was able to reach me he said "I heard screams and i knew it was Claus's fault. I had no idea it would be you!" he walked over to me and kissed my forehead. I was able to see tears in his eyes, right my eyes closed, and darkness took over. 

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