He's No Good

Steph has newly moved to London in hope of starting over. Her past has been hard to deal with, but distance has made her stronger. She wants to make friends, but just friends. She can't let herself fall all over again...she must remain single to remain strong.

One day this all changes when boy with a similar past, walks into her work. She was warned to stay away, but darkness is just so alluring...


7. Reciprocating- 7

I woke up and lay sleepily on the bed as time passed. I made no attempt move, because I learned my lesson with that. The only reason I know Louis isn't in bed with me still is because I can't hear him softly snoring next to me anymore. I have no idea when he left, I just remember hearing the phone ring and him shuffling around the room, but I wasn't ready to get up then, so I drifted back to sleep without thinking about it. 

Now that I can think clearly, I choose not to think of Louis, because I don't think I could take it. He was just to sweet to me, and I really didn't do anything to deserve it besides taking a brutal beating. No guy has ever been this nice to me, and I love this affection he gives me. I know it's selfish of me, but I hope he doesn't get annoyed with me and throw me out, cos i really could get use to him.

I crash out of my thought bubble when i hear someone stubble through the door downstairs. At first it sounds like there are multiple people shuffling around downstairs, but when the voices begin travelling up the stairs, I realize it is just Louis. What is he talking to himself about?

When the door knob is slowly being turned, my immediate reaction is to turn my head away and pretend I'm still sleeping. Before I shut my eyes, I notice that its dark outside. How long have I been sleeping for, because last i remember it was dawn.

When Louis finally opens the door, I could tell he was trying to remain quiet so he didn't wake me up. Unfortunately he was tripping over his own feet, and cursing at himself under his breath. If I hadn't already been awake, that sure would've done the trick.

Louis crawls under the covers with me and snuggles up close, to a point where we are nose to nose. My breathing hitches with our proximity, but I don't think he notices. His breathing is heavy and uneven, and his breath smells horribly of alcohol. 

I was beginning to become nervous by his behavior. That is until I hear muffled sniffles come from him. If I wasn't so close to him, I'm sure it would've gone unnoticed. I even thought I was losing my mind, until i felt a tear fall on my nose. 

I wanted to know why he was crying so badly. I wanted to know why he was drunk. And i definitely wanted to know why me?

Instead of bombarding him with questions about his night, and about my stay here, I chose to be there for him. So like he did for me before, I wrapped my arms around him. Without a word being said between the two of us, he tucked his head into my chest and intertwined our legs.

He never really sobbed, but every once in a while I could feel the occasional tear on my skin. His body didn't tremble with his crying, he remained still and strong. I know he was hurt in some way, but he was to proud to share it with me. However, in the morning, I fully intend on getting it out of him. 

With that new challenge in my mind, I begin humming the tune that I was in the bakery that same day we met. Before I fall asleep, I feel a smile spread across his face, and his lips gently graze my collarbone and lightly presses down on them. Over and over again, up and down my collarbone. 

With this soothing action, we both are able to calm down and fall asleep in each others arms. 

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