He's No Good

Steph has newly moved to London in hope of starting over. Her past has been hard to deal with, but distance has made her stronger. She wants to make friends, but just friends. She can't let herself fall all over again...she must remain single to remain strong.

One day this all changes when boy with a similar past, walks into her work. She was warned to stay away, but darkness is just so alluring...


3. Fantasy- 3

I'm lying in bed reading "Jane Eyre", when i hear the bushes outside my window tussling from movement. After New York, my paranoia has skyrocketed. I'm very well prepared to be attacked because when i was a teen, my mother forced me into karate classes because my brother wouldn't take it, unless i did too. So i wasn't really scared by the idea of an attacker, it's really the suspense of not knowing, that rips me at my core. 

I know I'm probably over-reacting, and it's a little raccoon or something, but my rational side was completely gone at this point. I finally get the nerves to go investigate, when i hear a muffled grunt, followed by swearing. The voice was unmistakable, and my jitters went away automatically. 

I ran to the window and threw it open, to find Louis gazing up at me, with a showstopping grin beginning to plaster his perfect face. He is sandwiched in between the two bushes outside my window, and he was crushing some of the end pieces. 

"Are you going to stand there all night and drool, or come and help me get my foot out?" I didn't even realize that the reason for his clumsiness was because his foot sank into the soil. Out of no where, i slam the window and make a run for outside. When i finally get to Louis, i waste no time. 

Leaving him stuck, i wrap my legs around his waist, straddling him. "Klutz," was the only word i was able to get out, before Louis began to passionately kiss me. The kiss got heavier and more intimate as his tongue slipped into my mouth, and his hands traveled to be cupping my butt. I quickly had my hands in his hair, tugging ever so slightly so we were able to momentarily catch our breath. Before it could start again, i put my mouth to his ear and seductively asked "would you like to come in?"

He was standing in no time, with my legs still wrapped around his waist, walking me through the door i left open. We reached the bedroom, and our assault on one another continued. He pins me against the door breathing on my neck, before slowly kissing every part of my collarbone, and up my jaw. I was getting weak at the knees and i know i needed to get some control back.

Before he could get any further, i find his mouth, walking and pushing him backwards. My intentions were to pin him to the far wall, but my seduction technique backfired, when mid-kiss, his shoulder slams into my bookcase. This leads to my copy of "Les Miserables" to crash to the floor.

The thudding of the book on the floor causes me to jolt upright in my bed, abruptly waking me from my dream. I am tangled up in my duvet, and i am literally dripping in sweat. Wow, i have never had such a real dream, and never had i had a dream with Louis in it. 

It has been 6 days since my last encounter with Louis, and he still has such a strong hold over my mind. He hasn't called, showed up, wrote me a letter, emailed me; nothing. One minute he makes me feel so pretty, and at this moment, all i can think about is how much he has crushed me by ignoring me. 

I'm sure it has to do with what Darcey told him, but i have decided that i won't let Darcey dictate my love life. If only i knew how to find him. If he isn't gonna find me, i'll take initiate and find him. I mean this is the 21st century after all-women can make moves too.

I manage to find a address book under the coffee table. I scurry back to my room, trying to stay as silent as possible considering that it's 5:30 am. I sit cross-legged and open the book halfway open, into the J's. I realize that i don't know Louis's last name, and i problem solve by looking for Louis brother Harry as well. I mean what are the odds that there would be more that one group of Harry and Louis's with the same last name.


Finally after 2 hours of sifting through names after names, i find a Louis Tomlinson, and a Harry Tomlinson. This has to be them! Yay! I grab my phone, and notice the time. It is only 7:45, and i really don't even know if this is the right Louis. I don't want to ruin his Sunday by calling so early and waking him up, or what if he goes to Church; if so, he probably wouldn't get out till at least 10:30 anyway. 

I resolve to calling this mysterious number, but not until 11. Waiting kills me, especially after such a hot dream. I mean i really should have known it wasn't real, right when i was reading "Jane Eyre"; I'm more of a "Wuthering Heights" girl myself. No complaints though. 

I need some activity from keeping me to get dressed and go straight to the address i got from the book- so i creep into the kitchen and begin baking some muffins for breakfast. I never thought i would say I'd rather be doing something else instead of baking, but there is only one other thing i can think about, and no amount of muffins could make me want Louis less. 

I admit it, I'm falling. I said i wouldn't, but i have. I've fallen, and I've only talked to him twice...

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