He's No Good

Steph has newly moved to London in hope of starting over. Her past has been hard to deal with, but distance has made her stronger. She wants to make friends, but just friends. She can't let herself fall all over again...she must remain single to remain strong.

One day this all changes when boy with a similar past, walks into her work. She was warned to stay away, but darkness is just so alluring...


6. Falling apart- 6

When Louis placed me on his bed, he looked me deep in the eye and whispered "Stay!" in a very authoritative voice. I wasn't really in the mood to be sassy, so when he walked into his bathroom i just laid back on his pillow and shut my eyes. Even this little movement made my muscles ripple with pain, and my mind ache with the fear of it never going away. The last thing I could hear before I dozed off, was the sound of Louis searching through cabinets looking for something to help me. 

I woke up on my side, in a strange room with just a bedside lamp on next to me. I close my eyes and remember the weird exchange between Louis and I earlier, and I smile into the pillow when I get to the ending of our conversation. He was so gentle, even when he set me down on his bed, like he could further bruise me if he wasn't. 

I stretch out my arm and whimper in pain; however, i continue to stretch because my arms feel like they haven't been used in days. I stretch until my fingertips graze something. My back stiffens automatically in response, and I slowly rotate my head to find Louis laying next to me shirtless. 

Wow. He is so toned. I mean this shouldn't be so much of a shocker to me, especially after he was able to carry me up the stairs, and let's not forget him in the fight.

His skin was perfectly sun-kissed, despite the fact that he lives in such a rainy area. I've always had a thing for guys with toned backs, but shit, his tattooed-covered biceps didn't hurt the cause either. 

He looked so innocent and childish when he is sleeping, like nothing he could do would ever be bad. 

Though he seemed to be dangerous, and that is what everyone has told me. But in this moment, I couldn't care less. He protected me from Claus, even though he is the reason this all happened. Also, he was sweet to me, which is something I haven't got from a guy in a while. 

I know it is logical to run now, but I couldn't do it. mentally or physically. Either would hurt too bad, cos I felt something for Louis, and I know that is very stupid of me. 

I lay faced towards Louis for at least 20 minutes, thinking about him and I together. My hand is still rested near his arm where I touched it earlier, and I didn't even realize that my finger was moving in circles on his bicep. It was such a slight move, that it was unnoticed by him. 

This gave me the courage to slowly inch my arm up to his face, at a pace that made me barely feel the pain that usually would surge through my body. When my hand got there, I suddenly got nervous. What happens if I wake him up? What will we talk about? I contemplated as my hand hovered over his face. 

Out of nowhere, he let a groggy moan and shifted his body facing me. His shift startled me into yanking my arm back to me, and sending pain to course through me and me to cry out in pain. Tears were welling up in my eyes again, and I didn't want to cry. Crying always makes me feel worse about myself, and that is the last thing I need right now. 

I was blinded by the tears I was trying to get to go away, so I didn't even see it coming. Louis's arms wrapped around me and pulled me into his chest. This caused more pain to go through my body, but less than you would expect. 

"Cry princess. Let it all out." He whispered into my ear, and gently kissed my hair. This was all he had to say, and I fell apart.


I cried for what seemed like hours, all the while, Louis held me close and soothed me. He occasionally kissed my neck, whispering that he was there for me. He played with my hair and told me I was pretty. Never in my life have I cried so much over one boy. Never in my life had anyone made me feel so beautiful, when I felt so ugly. 

I drifted off into a dreamless sleep at sunrise, with the warmth of Louis's body wrapping around me, and making me believe that I was truly safe. 








Sorry for not updating lately! Exams are finally done though, and it will be updated a lot more now:) thanks for reading! comment and like please! I want to know if you guys like it!!!

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