Forever yours

Kaitlyn lives in california with her boyfriend luke...She is 18 and falls in love with another boy. Does luke get jelouse?Does she leave him?Does he leave her? read to find out...I dont want to say 2 much, Hopefully you enjoy!


2. Chapter 2

  I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I looked over at my clock, and noticed there was a little note. 

'Good morning beautiful, come down stairs when your up :)'


I thought he was gone for the night, i wonder when he got back? i didn't hear him come into bed last night. I walked out of my room and into the kitchen. The smell of the food grew stronger

"Morning babe!" He said while flipping pancakes and sizzling bacon.

"Whats this about?I asked while he started to set the table. "Here ill help!"

"No its okay, just sit down" He was acting weird. i sat down at the table and looked at my plate. it had nothing on it. He came over to me and poured me a glass of milk. "uhhhh??" I looked at him confused, he just smiled.

When the food was done Luke came over to me and put it on my plate he sat down right across from me and did the same. He just kept starring at me and smiling. "Umm luke...Whats this all about?" I asked really confused.

"I Just wanted to say how sorry i am for getting mad yesterday and to show you how much i love you!"

"Aww Your soo sweet!" I said while smiling like a idiot. "I love you too!"

We sat there finishing up our breakfast, which i might include...was delicious!

He is the most perfect boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. I swear i never wanna loose him. Its so weird how two years of dating someone can make you feel this way. I really do love him and nothing can ever change that. Those three words 'I love you' meant so much then just words to me. for me to tell someone i love them, it has to be real.

"Umm..." he emidiantly stopped my thoughts. He looked up from his plate, he had a very awkward face. "I was..uh...wondering...If you would like to go out on a date tonight?" He smiled at me. Why was that so awkward for him to say? It was cute though.

"Yeah, were do you want to go?" I asked

"Its a surprise!" hmmm

"okay, well can you at least tell me how to dress?"

"Dress fancy!" He was all smiley and it was so cute. He started to blush I can see why, it was our first official date. I am pretty excited.


I was getting ready for our date and I was curling my hair. My dress was short a little over my knees. It was black at the waist and up and the bottom was a baby blue. I had black heels to go with it. it was so cute and I loved it. I was curling my hair, then my phone started to ring. Unknown number? Hmm?


"Erm...Hey!" The voice didn't sound very fermilular .

"Umm, Who is this?" I asked

"Oh, This is niall!...The guy you met at Starbucks." Oh yeah. haha

"Oh Hey, what's up?" 

"Nothing I was just wondering if you had any plans this Saturday night?"


"umm I don't think so. Why?" I asked curious

"Do you want to come hang out with some friends and me?"

"I'm not to sure....I will have to get back to you on that. I'm pretty busy right now!"

"Oh okay I understand. Bye!" He just hung up..Hmm? that's so weird.

I saved his number into my contacts.

Finally I was done with my hair and makeup. I hope this wasn't to under dressed I said looking in the mirror. Its okay Luke wont care. i grabbed my black hand bag and my phone. 

From Luke: Hey are you ready? I'm outside! 

I took my keys and locked my door on the way out. My apartment building is pretty small its on the outskirts of London, i like it because i don't like to be in public. I live on the third floor and sometimes i don't like it because the elevator crashes, witch really scares me. its not that ghetto up here its a nice apartment, and i have nice neighbors. 

I walked toward the door. 

"Kaitlyn, i wouldn't go out there!" i turned around to see Luke standing by the front desk.

"Umm..Why?"I asked walking towards him. 

"there are so many people out there wanting to see you!"He sounded concerned. 

i walked over to the window that was shut by the blinds and peeked outside. There was young teenage girls everywhere along with some paparazzi. "What the heck is this all about?"i said looking at Luke. 

"I have no idea, but when i walked out there, they were all screaming your name and about you and some guy named Niall dating?" 

"Oh my gosh....." I grabbed my phone and searched his name through my contacts...ah i got! the phone started to ring.

Nialls Pov:

I was hanging out with Louis and Eleanor for the night because Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Danielle and harry wanted to go out to the club. We were all getting ready to watch a movie and eat some popcorn, louis and el were on the couch cuddling and i was on twitter looking at alot of dms. My phone started to go off in my hand, it was Kaitlyn. 

"Hello," i answered 

"Niall! There is like at least 30 girls out side of my apartment building along with some paparazzi. Whats this all about?"

She sounded mad." Its just a couple fans, it will be okay. They probably saw us exchange numbers and thought of something more..."I explained to her

"Well how do i get rid of them, i have a date and i cant even get out of here?"

"Thats the famous life!"I laughed The phone just stayed silent "Okay....I will drive by with Paul to get there attention and they will leave."

"Hurry!!"Was all she said before she hung up.

I grabbed my shoes and put them on. i stood up and took my jacket of the hook. "Louis, i need to go do something..i will explain when i get back. later guys"




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