Forever yours

Kaitlyn lives in california with her boyfriend luke...She is 18 and falls in love with another boy. Does luke get jelouse?Does she leave him?Does he leave her? read to find out...I dont want to say 2 much, Hopefully you enjoy!


1. chapter 1.

Luke's POV

I yawned looking over to see Kaitlyn fast asleep. "Babe wake up" I whispered. I shook her a couple times.  "Do you want to go and get coffee?"

"Ugh...What time is it?" She asked while stretching her arms above her head, and stood up to put her hair in a bun.

"Its.....9:45"I set my phone down on the desk "So how about Starbucks?"

"Yea Give me a minute" she said while giggling to herself

Kaitlyns POV

"Ugh What to wear what to wear?" I whispered to myself  looking through my closet.  I picked out a t-shirt, some capries, and vans.  I left my hair up. "Come on lets go"I said to luke while grabbing my phone and my keys.  

"Dang your fast" Luke said while jogging to were i was at the door. He got to me and gave me a kiss on  the cheek. "Lets go" he said smiling.

In the car:

"Why do you always get to drive" Luke said in a pouty voice.

"Well becouse this is my car" I said smiling "Haha, Turn on some music!"

"Okay.."He went to reach for the knob, then he stopped. "only if you kiss me"He said with a smirk.

"No, do you want me to get into a crash" I said sarcastically. He turned on the music. "Oh my gosh, i love this song turn it up"I said to Luke. It was Ed Sheeren 'Lego House' I started to sing along "I'm gonna pick up the pieces, and build a Lego house...if things go wrong we can knock it down"

Luke tried to sing it to, but he didn't know the lyrics. He decided to stop. We both started laughing because of how stupid he acted.

We finially pulled into Starbucks. As we were getting out of the car Luke told me that he really liked that song and wanted it to be our new song. That made me happy because out of the 2 years we've been dating we haven't had our own song.            We walked up to a young lady behind the counter "Hi miss what would you like?"She asked

It took me a minute to order "Uhh a caremel frap!" I said while looking at the to order.

"I will have the same" He said

"Okay That will be eight dollars and forty seven sence." She said smiling.

"OK" I said while pulling out my wallet and got out some money, I took out some change. With my luck it all fell. I set my phone down and went to pick up some of my money. I saw another hand helping me. I looked up "Oh you don't have to help me"

"Its okay I want to" Said a blonde guy with blue eyes and a cute irish accent, he was really cute.We both stood up, he handed me my coins. 

"Hi im Kaitlyn"I said while putting my hand out.

"I'm Niall"He said while shaking my hand

Luke's POV

Kaitlyn was starring at someone i looked over to see who it was.  They introduced themselves, it made me jealous to see the way she is looking at him right now. "Hi im Luke Her boyfriend" I said with my hand in his with a firm shake. I paid the women.

Kaitlyn's POV

Luke grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek, What is he doing? Niall just looked away. It was aukward "bye" Niall said waving and walked away.

"Bye"I said smiling

"Kaitlyn Your order is ready!"Yelled the same women who took our orders.

We grabbed our drinks and sat down by a window."What was that all about" Asked Luke.

"Uh I dont know, he just helped me pick up my coins" I said acting anouyed.

"Lets just go" He said"My day is already ruined" as he walked out and sat in the car. I followed behind. The ride home was quite. We pulled into our apartment and i took out the keys of the ignition. "Oh crap, I left my phone at Starbucks"

"Ok"he said

"Do you want to come with me to get it?"I asked

"No"He said while he closed the door and walked inside.

Luke's POV

I'm mad, she looked at him the way that she looks at me. I just need a break for a while

To Kaitlyn<3:Hey, I'm going to hangout with some friends be home later.

From Kaitlyn<3:Okay!Love you.:)

To Kaitlyn<3:Bye

She didn't reply but i don't care.

Kaitlyn's POV

I pulled into Starbucks, walked inside and saw my phone. I picked it up and read lukes message. I walked out replying to him.

From Luke:):Bye

To Luke:):--

I was replying to him until i bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry" I heard a familular voice. "Oh so we meet again" I said looking up to Niall. 

Niall's POV

She's So pretty, I think i like her...and whats wierd is i just met her!i wonder what she is doing her again?"So why are you hear?"

"I forgot my phone"She said while laughing, her laugh is so perfect.

"Oh so i was wondering, do you want to hang oyt some time?"

Kaitlyn's POV

Aww he keeps blushing. "sure, Here is my number call me?"  He handed me his phone and i put my number in it. "just text me your name and i will save it to my contacts"

"Okay" he said while walking out.


Hey guys/Girls hope you like the new chapter!! I know its long..Trust me i wanted to keep going...but i had to stop:)Tell me what you think!??








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