The Clueless World

Take an adventure into the real world.


1. 'Money'

The world has always been such a strange odd place, I mean millions of people living through different struggles every day. People with their own lives that have pets, a job, a romance, a house or maybe none of that. It's quite ridiculous that someone is rich, they own million dollar houses, waste their money on needless items while yet some are living on the street with nothing but the place which surrounds them. Although those unfortunate people are sometimes the happiest, they are happy living with what they have and they appreciate that.

One thing which I found interesting was travel, such a large amount of people want it. They wanted to travel the world or just move to a completely different place and they could, but not many ever did. Of course if someone is going to travel money is going to be needed but not much all you need is a plane ticket and you are there, in a whole different place. Anyone can live of the smallest amount of money, doesn't mean it would be like living in a mansion but all anyone ever needs is some money for food, water and maybe somewhere to sleep. There are hostels all over the world which cost a small amount of money. Anyone can survive off the smallest amount but that's just one opinion out of billions. 

The whole world is controlled by small notes which apparently have value and people work everyday just to get them notes. Isn't that the strangest thing you've ever heard?  

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