The Horror

Mary has troubles at home, she runs away and get stuck, what will happen next for Mary, will someone save her?


4. Where am i

Niall's Pov

"Boys come help me" 


the boys ran down the stairs to me and this girl

"Oh god niall you go to get coffee and you come home with a girl whos not even awake" Harry said jokingly 

"its not funny Haz, i was walking to the coffee shop on the corner and she tripped and fell into my arms, i asked her if she was ok, i didnt realise that she was out old till later, i freaked i didnt know what to do i was scared so i fireman carried her here and now im scared" naill said almost in tears

its ok mate we will sort this out she should be ok she might have just fainted from a fear or something, go lie her down on the bedding on the floor and ile call our doctor" Liam said taking charge 

I placed this girl on the floor on the bedding and sat next to her, the i heard a cough i wasn't sure if i came from her or it was just something that i was imaging, so i just left it. 


HARRY GET THE DOOR" Liam shouted down the hall

Hey Matt, this is the girl i was talking about, the one niall brought home, nialls really worried about her so do your best" liam wispered to Matt their doctor

Matt walked over to the girl lying on the floor, she started to come around.

she started coughing and she sat up, she looked around and saw all of us staring at her. 

Marys POv

Where am i" i asked with panic in my voice

Calm down love you blacked out and fell on my good friend Naill" The man who looked like a doctor said to me 

Not to be rude or anything, but who are you?" i said slowing

Well love i am Matt" the one who looks like a doctor 

Im Louis Tomo Tomlinson, and i like carrots" the one in the stripes said 

Im Harry Styles but you can call me Haz" he winked ahaha he was the one with the curly hair 

Im Zayn Malik, im the bradford bad boy" the one in the leather jacket said 

Im Liam Payne" the one who looked smart and official said to me

and Im Niall Horan, im the one who you fell on and i like eating" the one who had caught my eye as soon as i saw him, he was handsom 



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