The Horror

Mary has troubles at home, she runs away and get stuck, what will happen next for Mary, will someone save her?


1. The Beginning


Marys POV

How did i get here, this time last year i was kind of  happy me and my boyfriend Tommy, well ex-boyfriend now were so happy together then it started, he started to drink i didn't know what to do i was too scared to break up with him just incase he became violent. but one day he hit me, i though "oh well he only did it because i got on his bad side". But it happend again i dont know why but he kept doing it, one day i just snapped and i bolted out it kind of went something like this. 


* One Year Ago 

MARY, MARY WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU, IM HUNGRY AND I WANT SEX SO FUCKING HURRY UP" Tommy screamed up to me, i could have a shower he was so forceful i was scared                              it came to i was nearly done in the shower when i heard footsteps, i had never let Tommy take away im innocents because i didn't love him and having sex for the first time is when your in love with someone and your happy and at this point i was not happy with tommy at this point i knew i had to end the relationship

OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR YOU WHORE'" the voice of Tommy doomed though i was scared i wasn't sure what to do he was my nightmare one i could never wake up from


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