The Horror

Mary has troubles at home, she runs away and get stuck, what will happen next for Mary, will someone save her?


6. safe

Marys Pov

When i awoke i saw all these boys around me and they introduced themselves to me. 

"Niall, im hungry do you mind if i have a bite to eat" 

"Of corse not love what would you like, i can run out to get you anything you would like" Niall said 

"I have a real craving for nandos, theres money in my purse" i said point towards you purse 

"HAHAHA you dont need that love i have a black card" naill said very proudly 

"ile be back soon Haz can you look after our princess" Niall said 

"Sure mate no worries ile look after her well" Harry said

"um Harry" i said quietly

Yes love" 

I was wondering if i could have a shower i kind of stink" i said as i giggled 

Of corse would you be needing a hand?"harry said cheekily 

umm i think so just to make sure i dont fall AS LONG AS YOU DONT LOOK" i said with a concerning tone ive always been scared about boys having showers with me i just get kind of over protective of my self . 

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