The Horror

Mary has troubles at home, she runs away and get stuck, what will happen next for Mary, will someone save her?


3. How could i

Marys Pov

Then it happend, Tommy barged though and held me up against the shower wall.

Tommy stop your hurting me" i sobbed to him, hoping he would give me mercy 

Shh shhh slut your not going anywhere your going to listen to me because we love each other DONT WE MARY!" tommy said with a demanding tone

Tommy you need to know i love you soo much" i figured that i could get him venerable he might put his guard down and then it happend 

He went in and started kissing my neck and his hands trailing down my body, this was my chance. 

Tommy i moaned then i pulled his face up to mine and we locked lips. 

Mary i told you that you would love this your my girl but i deserve better then you babe' tommy said in between breaths 

thats when i hit him, i hit him hard. 

Oh babe you know i like it rough" he wispered into my ear

Oh her babe i know, hey close your eyes i have a present for you, but you have to trust me" i said hoping with all my might that he might do what i say

ok babe i trust you' he said quickly back to me

Thats when i lead him out of the shower and we were both naked he started to grope me i had to admit for a bastard he had like magic hands. 

ok babe just wait here ile be back in 5"i wispered in to his ear, i felt him shiver.

Thats when i made my move i ran out of the bathroom then into the bedroom and i chucked on anything, grabbed my pre packed bag and bolted i didnt know where i was going or how far i was going all i knew was that i need to get away. 


Tommys Pov

That dumb slag she left i promise that i will find that bitch and kill her and thats a promise 

Marys Pov

i ran and ran, i needed to stop my legs were jelly and i couldn't get enough breath into my lungs. 

i tripped over my own legs and fell into the arms on a blond boy, then everything went black


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