Trust Again

Annabeth Styles has had a pretty hectic life. First her dad abused her then divorced her mom. Then, all of a sudden her brother Harry wants to tryout for the X-Factor. She doesn't think this will get any better for her until one day. She was taking Harry something for his tryout when she stumbles upon a blonde stranger who claims he can make her happy. Can she trust him? Or will he just hurt her like her father did?


9. Perfect Endings

Niall and I walked around the park, ate hotdogs, and talked about so much. When he finally took me him I was kinda sad. We walked up to my front door. "Annabeth I had the best time with you today. It was a bit eventful, but I loved it." I was shocked he said that. "Thanks. I guess. So I'll see you at the X-Factor tomorrow." I smiled and leaned in. When our lips were about to touch, for the second time today, Harry slings open the door with a cheeky grin on his face. He knew what he was doing! I looked at him annoyed and gave Niall a short peck on the cheek, a hug, and waved as he pulled out of our driveway. "Really Hazza!! You arse!!! Thanks a lot!" I yelled when Niall left. "Oh come on Annie, you knew I was gonna do that! Plus you already kissed earlier today. One is enough for today." I laughed and pushed past him and walked up the stairs to my room to find none other than Ryann at my desk. "Tell me all about it!!! Did you have fun? Did you kiss him? Omg he kissed you didn't he!?" "Yes okay. I loved it. We saw my dad Ryann. I took him to the secret garden. Then he took me to the park and made me forget all about it!" I gushed. After a while Ryann went home. I was so tired I fell asleep the instant my head hit the pillow. A great ending to a sorta great day.

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