Trust Again

Annabeth Styles has had a pretty hectic life. First her dad abused her then divorced her mom. Then, all of a sudden her brother Harry wants to tryout for the X-Factor. She doesn't think this will get any better for her until one day. She was taking Harry something for his tryout when she stumbles upon a blonde stranger who claims he can make her happy. Can she trust him? Or will he just hurt her like her father did?


12. My Fault

Niall's P.O.V

"ANNABETH NOOO!!!!" I screamed as I watched her eyes connect with mine as the car smashed her small figure. I stood there in shock as I stared at her small, bloody, unmoving body. I heard Harry behind me. I knew he was going to beat me up. "Its all you fault!! You killed my poor Annie." He was crying now and so was I. "No man. It wasn't my fault. Mary was kissing me. I was walking around looking to see if she was here and Mary grabbed me and kissed me. I was pushing her off me when Annabeth walked in." I walked over to her bloody body and held her. I kissed her lips as the driver mumbled apologies and called the ambulance. This was all my fault. Harry and I sat by her until the ambulance came to get her. Everybody was crying and that didn't help how I was feeling. It was all Mary's fault. Harry had a hand clamped to my shoulder as we sped away in the ambulance.

Harry's P.O.V

It wasn't Niall's fault all along. Good because I was going to have to open up a can of whoop ass. I lifted Annabeth's cold hand and placed it in mine. "I'm so sorry baby. I should have protected you. I'm so sorry." I sobbed into her hand. "Hey man look. This is my fault. Please don't blame yourself. I know you took that divorce hard, but this wasn't your fault and that wasn't either. We are going to make it through this." Niall said through crying eyes. He ran his fingers through his hair as we pulled up to the hospital.

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