Trust Again

Annabeth Styles has had a pretty hectic life. First her dad abused her then divorced her mom. Then, all of a sudden her brother Harry wants to tryout for the X-Factor. She doesn't think this will get any better for her until one day. She was taking Harry something for his tryout when she stumbles upon a blonde stranger who claims he can make her happy. Can she trust him? Or will he just hurt her like her father did?


4. Frozen

The next morning I woke up and screamed because it was 11:30 and Harry was jumping around my room throwing clothes on ny best singing, "Annnabeth and Niall sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G!!!" " Hazza what are you doing and why are you picking out clothes?" I asked still asleep. "Well I'm picking out your clothes for your date today of course!" I laughed and went to get in the shower. I honestly trusted his fashion sense more than my best friend, Ryann. I plugged in my iPhone a clicked shuffle.

"I need to change my answering machine...."

Harry burst through the door and yelled "This is your favorite song, Niall sang this song, now it's on..... ITS A SIGN!!!!" Then ran out. I couldn't help but burst out laughing at this but I needed to hurry. When I got out I towel dried my hair and went to see what Harry had laid out for me. Wow it was really cute as always. He picked out a pair of black skinny jeans, a pink shirt with mustaches on it, and a pair of purple vans. Once again Harry hasn't let me down as my personal stylist. I pulled on all of the clothes when Harry walked in. "I'm not doing your hair lil sis, but I found someone who can."as he stepped aside to reveal Ryann. We both hugged and she pulled away and yelled, "How dare you not tell me your going on a date with a really cute IRISH boy! Shame on you!!" "I'm sorry Ry-Ry I was going to call you but I fell asleep. Just do my hair you crazy nut ball!" She led me to my bathroom and kicked Harry out of my room. She sat me down and plugged in my straightener and curling wand. She blow dried my hair then straightener it. Once she finished, she pulled up some of it and curled the remaining pieces in the front. This girl could work miracles. Once she finished she started putting in my makeup. When she finished she sprayed me with my favorite vanilla body spray and smiled. I put on my four leaf clover necklace and my lucky infinity ring. We all piled into the car and drove to the studio. Once we arrived I saw Niall sitting on the curb waiting for me. He stood up when he saw me get out. I thanked Harry and Ryann and walked over to him. Man did he look cute! He was wearing jeans, a white V-Neck and his spuras. "Hi. Annabeth wow you look amazing. I'm so glad you came." He smiled and took my hand while saying, "All right love where are we going to eat?" I smiled and yelled, " NANDOS!!!! Sorry but that's my favorite place to eat and I've always wanted to go there on a first date!" He looked at my bewildered and said,"Are you serious me too! No girl has ever wanted to go to Nandos on a fate! Not that I've been on many before thought." He squeezed my hand as we walked. When we arrived at Nandos we went in, but as soon as I saw him I stopped in fear.

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