Trust Again

Annabeth Styles has had a pretty hectic life. First her dad abused her then divorced her mom. Then, all of a sudden her brother Harry wants to tryout for the X-Factor. She doesn't think this will get any better for her until one day. She was taking Harry something for his tryout when she stumbles upon a blonde stranger who claims he can make her happy. Can she trust him? Or will he just hurt her like her father did?


14. Explanation

Harry's P.O.V

I whirled around and saw Annabeth staring at me. "Harry? Why am I here and what happened?" I looked at her sadly. "I'll let you two talk it out. Let me know if there are any problems." The doctors said walking out of the room. "Annabeth,baby what do you remember?" I asked afraid of the answer. " "Dad just left mom. And you were filling out your singing application to that one show. Everything else not there after that." She said tears spilling from her eyes. "Do you want me to tell you?" I asked afraid of the answer. She nodded yes and I began. "Annie, sweetie you were hit by a car. No no let me start from the beginning. Okay well they accepted my application to the X-Factor. On the day I tried out I forgot a scarf I was going to wear so you brought it to me. When you went into the cafeteria you saw Niall." "Niall? I like that name. Is he here?" She asked a little too fast. "Yes he is. He has been here the whole time. Let me finish then you can ask questions. Okay so Niall asked you out and when you were out you saw dad. He chased you. You took Niall to the garden. Then you went out again to make up for it. Ryann is here too. The next day you went to the studio and saw Niall kissing another girl." She gasped and put her hand to her mouth and shook her head. "But, she kissed him and he was pushing her off when you walked in. You ran. You ran and we both chased you. You ran into the street and a car hit you baby a big black car. Niall never meant to hurt you, but you have been unconscious for almost three days." I finished with tears in my eyes. She leaned up and hugged me. "I don't care how nice he is Hazza. I don't want to forgive him. If he hurt me before, he will hurt me again!" And with that she asked for me to send in Ryann.

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