This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


2. the worst class ever

i walked into class with my head down, she said something when i walked past and i just snapped "bitch what the fuck did you say if you cant say it to my face dont fucking say it" "ali please sit down you came in late and you disterb the class i think you can stay back thank you" "thanks slut" i whispered back.i took a seat up the back next to this mysterious figure who was hiding in the shadows, then i heard his voice it sounded like the singer Harry Styles, it couldnt be i mean me sitting next to him, no it couldnt be HARRY FUCKING STYLES, i mean like i dont like him but if i tell Sky about this she is going to freak, her walls are covered with him and Niall Horan i mean, ok Ali calm down its going to be alright "um hi" i said he replied really cooly "hey im Harry Styles, and you are?" "my name is Ali, Ali Brown" and that was the end of our conversation. i sat there wondering what would become of this friendship? did he know why everyone hates me? did he know that everyone hates me? did he even know about me before this day? after what seemed like 2 1/2 hours the bell finally went. there was a quick goodbye between us and nothing more, i was on my way to second class and i had a hand slip in mine, i went ot pull it away when i felt a cool square piece in my hand i grabbed it not daring to look at the beholder. i could feel eyes on me and i instantly knew who it was, it was harry. i didnt look at the piece of paper at all.........

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