This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


9. new friendships

Ali’s POV I awoke the next morning in strong arms and that was when I realised that they were Harry’s I laid there silently when I heard a loud crash followed by “shit” my heart started racing but it soon settled when I remembered that Paige stayed the night, I reluctantly crept out of Harry’s arms and then out of bed and after getting out of bed I threw on my shower gown and floated down the stairs well I looked like I was floating, I guess it was just a habit after growing up with Ash for a brother, I mean I had to act like a real lady around him, no slouching, swearing, spitting, biting, like all the kids in school but now that ash was away well I mean I basically own this house now but he still comes back every now and again to visit his little sister, when he feels like it. I walked into the kitchen and Paige jumped because I forgot that I walk so silently. How sweet of her she was making bacon and eggs what a sweet heart. “Shit Ali really? You’re scaring me?” “Well this is my house and I’m used to only me but like there a 2 more people so like yea it kinda scared me to you know” “what scared you?” she asked, “you, making noise” at that moment Harry walked down the stairs and ran into the wall with a thud, “OH MY GOD Harry are you ok” I asked running over to, “yea I’m just a bit um idk wobbly” he replied in his sexy morning voice, I heard chuckling from behind me and I turned around with a smile on my face and looked at Paige when I realised why she was chuckling, Harry was just wearing boxers, this must have been strange for her to see him in boxers but, nothing new. “Harry, how about we get you back up the stairs and dressed shall we?” “um sure but I hope-“ at that moment the door got flown open and in walked Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn, of course Niall went straight to the kitchen while he mumbled “food…” so typical, Zayn started laughing as he said, “you alright love you’ve gone a bit pale” and then all of the sudden there was a loud thud as Paige hit the ground, Louis and Liam ran over as Zayn stood, glued to the one spot. Paige’s POV I was new in the area and me and Allick had just broken up. Of course I was devastated but there was nothing I could do. Ali being the amazing person she is let me stay with her and even lent me some of her clothes, I got to sleep in her brother’s bed I think his name was Ash yea that’s it. He seemed to have taken a liking to Max Schneider and Sam Stui. He had 2 or 3 posters of the amazing guys and his bedroom was so clean, for a guy, I guess that Ali had to clean up a lot after him. I fell asleep on the most comfiest mattress I have ever slept on, I had to thank her somehow, so I decided to made bacon and eggs, I was in the kitchen making breakfast when I dropped a pan and I was like “shit” and like not even 2 minutes later I turn around and see Ali get the absolute shit scarred out of me and the next thing I remember is 1D walking in the door and Zayn saying ‘you alright love you’ve gone a bit pale’ and then the floor rushed up and met me and that was all I remember before waking up on the lounge with 6 worried faces surrounding me. I realised where I was and what had happened, and then I realised that Niall was looking down from above me and the ‘lounge’ moved Ali laughed as I went bright red, Harry was the first one to speak “I need food” he got up and walked to the kitchen, I heard Niall shriek, “THAT’S MY FOOD DON’T TOUCH IT” I giggled “you think this is funny I need my food or I’ll die” he joked. I just laughed got up off his lap and collapsed but Zayn was quick he caught me before I hit the ground “steady, I think you better stay home today” he said then Ali said “well I’ll keep you company, come on let’s get you into bed” “but I don’t wanna go to school” whined Zayn, “fine you can all stay-“ there was an eruption of cheers, “on one condition, no mess I have to keep this place clean” “ok” they said together and off to bed I was. Right there and then I could tell that new friendships were in the making….. A/N hey guys I’m so sorry that I haven’t been updating lately I have been EXTREMLEY busy with school and madd night (my schools talent night) I swear that once the half year is over I will update more and also cause I have been grounded I haven’t been able to write much, I hope that you will like it, all of it and if you have any ideas for Ali and Harry just let me know- thanks bri bri
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