This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


5. new friendships


Tyson’s pov


She ran up to that singer from that boy band, harry styles, she was happier than I have seen her in weeks, I was smiling to myself when I realised people were snickering and saying, “so what you ain’t good enough for her, she has to get pretty boy to fight her battles now?” I just thought to myself ‘she has been fighting these battles for way too long, I’m glad he stuck up for her’ but it was only a thought. She ran back to me smiling, I didn’t want to ruin the happiest I have ever seen my baby so I just didn’t tell her, it can wait till another day. I had to thank him; I gave her a ‘stay put I’ll back in a minute’ look and chased him. I grabbed his shoulder, he grabbed my wrist and spun around trying to put me into a chicken wing, “wow calm down pretty boy, I’m just here to say thank you, so thanks” “oops sorry mate didn’t mean to you know what it’s like, and it’s all good people just need to show her some respect, I’m just glad you’re there for her” he said with a slightly shy smile, “yea, ok catch you round?” “Sure” a quick hand shake and we were off our separate ways.

Ali’s pov


The rest of the day went by and no-one said anything nasty to me so I was happy, I didn’t feel like going to last period, so Tyson and I went home early, he had a free and I was ‘feeling sick’ so he drove me home at the start of lunch and we spent what seemed like the rest of eternity together watching movies. Tyson checked his watch and the said “baby I better get home, mum is going to freak” “What’s the time?” I ask “its 11:03” he replies. I walk him to the front door and we stand on my front porch and he says “baby I love you and I don’t want to lose you ever I am always here and remember to keep your chin up” he gently grabs the bottom of my chin and slightly tilts it towards him and he leans in and gently places a kiss on my lips, I return it and it’s like a spark, we are meant to be together. “Tyson I love you too, forever and always, now get outta here tiger” “bye baby girl” “bye tye tye”

I bid my farewell to Tyson and as I was on my way upstairs to get into my pj’s when I noticed Tyson had forgotten his jacket, I bolted downstairs grabbed it put it on and I was on the second step when there was a knock at the door I run down the stairs swing the door right open and without noticing who it was the words already came out of my mouth “you’re not getting…” it wasn’t Tyson it was harry, he was at my place then he said cheekily “I’m not getting what?” “Nothing that wasn’t aimed at you, I just thought…” “Just thought what?” he asked coolly, “I just thought you were someone else, never mind, now that you’re here what’s up?” “Well I ran into Sky and well I kinda asked if she could show me where you lived, so” “she totally freaked and spilled as soon as you even looked in her direction?” “Yea how did you know?” “Harry please she is my best friend and I know how she would react, trust me. Umm sorry where are my manners, would you like to come in?” “actually I was just out for a stroll and was wondering if you would like to come?” he asked and I was thinking of screaming but I was one of the few that could keep her cool around him so I thought differently and said, “just give me a minute let me go get changed, I’ll be back in a minute”


Harry’s pov


“Hey it’s Sky right?” “who’s…but but omg harry styles is talking to me omg I love you so much” “wow calm down there” “sorry” she replied and shyly looked down, “hey umm can you give me Ali’s address? “ “Sure” and she gave me the details I replied with a thanks and I took off, it took me a while to find out where she lives seeing I was new in the area, I was walking up the road and I heard Tyson’s so I thought what’s the point, then I got mentally slapped by Liam and his stupid ‘follow your heart mate’ shit and all that, I waited till he left, and I continued walking, I was standing on the porch for like 5 minutes and then I knocked, everything happened so quickly and before I knew it we were walking down the road to some park at the ridiculous time of 11:30pm we walked with a simple ‘how are you’ or ‘what’s been going on?’ but not much, and then we got to the park….

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