This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


15. meeting ali

Dino’s POV

It was good getting to know some of the inside gossip on One Direction.

I pretended to go back to sleep and I heard his stomach growl; I had to stifle a laugh.

I see a seatbelt light come on so I rolled over, sat up and leaned against Niall,

“Well hello there love” he says I can tell he is smirking.

“Hi” I simply say before quickly pulling out my phone and taking a quick seflie with Niall. He simply sits there and smiles.

I take a few, in one of them he kisses my cheek, in another I kiss his cheek.

I hear a

“Urgh” come from behind us

SHIT!! PAIGE!!! How the hell could I forget that my best friend is here? I feel so bad,

“Dino, put your phone away” she says slightly annoyed

“Sorry” I mumble while putting my phone away.

***skip landing and airport***

We finally make it out of that place, we get to the car and Niall takes my bags and  buts them in the boot of his car and opens the front door for Paige and the back door for me.

He jumps in the front of the car and starts it,

“You ready?” he asked while turning the car on and looking in the mirror at me.

“What am I supposed to be ready for?” I ask curious.

“To meet Ali” he says as if it is no big deal but from the slight intake of breath from Paige I’m guessing I should be nervous.

Ali’s POV

It’s been a quiet day without Niall and Paige here, I guess it’s been an alright day except for Mr Sass being annoying **cough**cough** LOUIS. I just can’t wait to meet her, I hope she is nice. I hope she likes attic’s because that’s the only room left. I take sheets upstairs and I walk into the secret entry to the attic, only people who stay there know where it is.

I go to pull the ladder down when Harry comes up behind me,

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Making Dino’s bed”

“Really? Up there? In the attic? ”

“Umm yea follow me”

“ok” he says

I pull the ladder down, take him into the attic and look at his face. Priceless. Let’s say the attic is HUGE!

“Sit” I say

He obediently sits I go and make the double bed and add a towel, handtowel and a facecloth all of the same colour and pattern, on the end of the bed.

I walk downstairs with Harry on hot pursuit.

“What was that?” asks a very stunned Harry.

“Oh just a spare room” I replied.

“Right” He mumbles.

I walk to where Sky, Zayn, Louis and Liam are sitting in the lounge room I walk over and sit on Louis. I wrap my arms around his neck and ask,

“What do you want for dinner?”

“SPAGHETTI” he screams in my ear.

“Ok  I think we are having spaghetti” I say.

As I walk into the kitchen I hear Louis say

“Don’t forget the carrots!”

I just laugh to myself, god that boy can be so annoying.

I get out



1kg of mince

2 packets of the really thin pasta

Tomato, barbeque and another sauce I can’t spell the name of

I got some pasta sauce

Minced garlic and tomato paste

I cook the mince and start on the pasta when I hear the doorbell ring, I shout from the kitchen

“Nobody even think about opening that or no pasta”

I run out and open the door to a beaming Niall an almost excited Paige and a very uncomfortable looking girl who must be Dino.

“Come in, Come in” I say

I give Niall a hug and a kiss on the check I give Paige a hug as I let her and Niall inside I stand in front of Dino

“Hello Dino my name is Ali and as long as you are staying in my house you will abide by my rules” I say bitterly.

“Babe don’t be so mean” Harry says walking up behing me

“Nah jokes my name is Ali let me show you to your room. Baby can you finish tea?” I ask Harry with puppy dog eyes.

“Fine” he says while walking to the kitchen/

I take Dino and show her to her room and the 2 access points she tanks me and we walk down and eat tea Harry and I head off to bed not long after I have a shower and change into sweats and one of Harry’s jumpers.

I climb into bed

“Night princess” Harry says while kissing my nose.

“Night” I mumble back and fall into a rest full slumber.


Dino’s POV

I guess I just met Ali……



heyy guys im awesome i know, tell me what you think in the comments below, thx guys :)

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