This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


3. it isnt real

it was 2nd class and i didnt know if i should read it or not but as soon as i heard tysons voice i knew it could wait. "hey baby girl, you ok?" "yea, why is that?" "you just seem..... distracted" "its just stuff at home thats all" "ok" we sat in silence but not awkward silence, good silence like it was ment to be like nothing could ever come between us. we were watching clips on something that i was paying absolutly no attention to. My mind was somewhere else and i was thinking about what i dont know i was just thinking. tyson insisted that something was wrong but i had to lie he didnt have to know that i was being hated on more than he knows, he thinks it goes on only at school, but it goes on at home as well ever since i have had my phone i have had abusive text messages i have had death threats i have been called a slut all those nice things have all been said to me. the bell for break went tyson and i walked hand in hand to the caffiteria, we met up with the rest of the crew and then Sky asked "do you wanna sit in here or outside" "umm.... actully ty and i have something planned" "we do?" "yea we do that thing at that place" i looked at him with pleading eyes and he said "yea thats right i forgot sorry baby, lets go?" "yea please"


Tysons POV


we didnt talk much and she said that nothing was wrong but i knew something was wrong terribly wrong..... the bell went and i didnt want her to slip away so i grabbed her hand and i didnt let it go, we walked to our seat where we always sit but she didnt want to sit there, i didnt know why and i didnt ask she would just say that nothing was wrong when it looked like she had the weight of the whole world on her shoulders, i didnt know what to do.....

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