This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


14. him

Dino’s POV

I can’t believe he is here the one I lost the one I fell in love with, I have missed him so much and when he spoke it’s like he never left,

“Dino, is that really you?”

“No Niall it isn’t, come here”

I say with tears in my eyes, god damn I missed this guy.

I ran up to him tears streaming down my face you know I’m not going to be ashamed I have a reason to cry for once my childhood bestie is back!

 “Niall I missed you sooo much!” I say

“I know, I have to” he mumbles into my hair.

We stand there for a while hugging and crying when Paige speaks up and says,

“Wait you two know each other?”

Niall and I just laugh,

“Long story” he says looking at me smiling and then he kisses my cheek and we walk off towards our boarding area to fly to where they are currently situated.

Niall’s POV

It was her she was really here she was actually in front of me. We said hello and I got a little bit emotional I mean we were both emotional.

I guess I forgot to tell Paige that we knew each other are well there only minor details. It doesn’t matter she will live.

It was a long flight back Dino was tired so she slept most of the way, but the rest of the way we sat around catching up on what’s going on in her life and mine,

“So who is the lucky guy in your life?” I ask her.

“Well uummm…. There isn’t o-one” she replies.

“What have you ever had a boyfriend?”

“ no?” she kinda asks more then says.


“Yes, now my turn, who is the lucky lady?”

“Her name is Sky, I met her last night so I don’t know much about as of yet but if you are anything like the girl I knew you will love her, and hey where has your accent gone?”

“Ni I’m not that little girl anymore I have changed a lot after my parents died-“

“Wait? What? Are you ok?”

“This happened years ago and I’m ok now kinda, I have had it rough but I’ll be ok I guess. And Ni I never had one” she says with a wink before rolling over and going to sleep AGAIN!!

I’m sitting there thinking and my stomach rumbles REALLY loudly, I guess I was hungry. I call the hostess over and she bought me a bag of chips. I sat there munching away when the seatbelt light came on, I guess I was about to welcome my child hood friend back into my life, I just hope she doesn’t leave me… again….



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