This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


16. DAH DAH dun???

Dino’s POV

I ended up having a shower, eating a very yummy tea and going to bed. I lay by myself thinking of all the childhood memories there are between Niall and me. I start crying when I remember how sweet he was, there is still this one memory I have of us, we were 13 and laying out on my trampoline I was curled up on his chest watching the stars when out of the blue he kisses me on my head and says

“D, I’ll never let anything hurt you and I’m never letting you go ….. ever”

I just replied with

“I know Ni, I know”

With that we fell asleep and when I woke the next morning I was still in his arms and he kept his promise he never let me go.

I fell asleep silently crying at the memories.

*Next Morning*

I awoke to a really loud CRASH I knew straight away that it was Niall making food. I was asleep so I just let him do whatever he wanted.

I lay in bed for another 5 minutes before dragging my ass out of bed and into the shower. As I stepped out of the shower I put my robe on and opened the door and walked back into the attic. After I got changed into my clothes for the day, I headed downstairs and into the kitchen. As I thought there was someone in the kitchen making food, the only thing is it wasn’t Niall. I see to extremely white but cheeks and a mop of curly hair… Harry should have known. I cleared my throat and Harry turned around.. THANK GOD HE HAD AN APRON ON.. that would have been extremely embarrassing I mean not that I already seen his milky white ass or anything.

I hear him chuckle and say

“Like what you see?”

“Smartass” I mumble as I look away and feel myself go red.

“HARRY EDWARD STYLES” I hear someone yell from behind me.

“Why the hell would you think you can walk around naked?” Ali said

“Well I’m always naked you should know that by now” Harry says with a wink.

I see her blush and lose composure for a minute before she regains her strength and says to him,

“Harry go put some pants on at least” she chuckles and pushes him towards the direction of the bedrooms.

“Don’t let it burn” he calls over his shoulder.

She just laughs, shakes her head at him and goes over to the stove before turning to me and saying

“I’m sorry about Harry he isn’t usually lik-“

“Haha Ali your funny Harry is always walking if not running around naked. He thinks that clothes are to constricting and that he should wear whatever makes him comfortable, that just happens to be absolutely nothing” Niall cut in.

“Thank you for that” I say giggling

“But that wasn’t very nice to cut Ali off like that. Say sorry Ni”

“Sorry Ali” I hear him mumble.

“Oh Dino that wasn’t necessary”

“Ali he needs his manners he knows not to forget them when he is around me because if he forgets them I won’t give him food”

I hear a sharp intake of air from Niall and a little giggle from Ali.

“You wouldn’t” Niall says.

“Try me” I snap back feeling a little bit sassy this morning.

“Hey don’t steal my sassiness” a very grumpy Louis said.

“What’s the matter Lou?” Ali asks while wrapping her hands around his neck. He just leans up against her and groans.

God they look like a great couple. Harry walks down the stairs and pulls Louis off Ali death stares him and says,

“She’s mine, get your own”

Louis just stands there with an angry look on his face. I didn’t like that look it scared the absolute crap out of me.

I’m guessing that Harry and Ali are together. Well I guess they are cute as well. But I mean her and Louis are better together. Well they just look better urgh I just give up..

Ali and Harry are together that is that.

“What’s the matter bro?”

Ali asks walking up to Lou, ouch brothered zoned.

“Hey what happened to my food?” Asks Harry

I hear Niall giggle and say

“I’m sorry Harry… I got hungry” he looks down because he knows he is in trouble now.

Harry just laughs at him and tries to get over the fact that Niall ate his food. Well I mean any food is Niall’s so technically Harry was going to steal Niall’s food.

“Well Harry I’m sorry.. but I’m still hungry so my shout Lou your with me”

Niall says as he walks out of the door.

“Be back in 15”

Niall calls over his shoulder.

I’m guessing that he is going to buy us all food. Well I absolutely hope so cause I’m so hungry. I mindlessly walk into the lounge room and sit on the lounge in a ball.



a/n sorry guys i know there lame another chapter is coming up soon i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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