This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


10. betrayal

Niall’s POV I was in the kitchen feeding my face, damn these eggs were good! When all of a sudden I heard a thud and gasps as well as scattering feet and a few whispers, I walked out of the kitchen to a dramatic scene, Paige was on the floor she obviously fainted, hmm am I that sexy nah jokes I wonder. No-one was doing anything, so I took charge I walked over, picked her up bridal style and went and sat on the lounge while I got Ali to go get me a wet facecloth and Liam to take off Paige’s jacket while I held her tight. Louis had to check on Zayn and bought him back to reality. I got the cloth off Ali and was dampening Paige’s face when all of a sudden she started moving around and I was like “um guys I think she’s waking up!” they all ran over and then well she opened her eyes. She looked shock and when she realised she was on my lap she went just a little bit red (or maybe a little brighter than a tomato!) Ali got her into bed and I asked if I could go lay with her, she agreed and said no funny business Horan and then she winked at me. “I know Ali I know.” With that I walked into Paige’s room, well the one she was staying in anyway. Paige’s POV I was in bed drifting off to sleep when my phone went beep beep I looked at my phone it read 1 message from Dino, I should explain, Dino is my best friend and when I left I lost contact with her by that I mean we stopped talking, Dino’s real name is Becca Temple she is 5’7 with light blue hair, and heavenly blue eyes, she has a thin figure and her eyes are her best feature, me and Dino did everything together we told each other everything from our first boyfriend our first kiss and even our first period, as you can tell we were tight. I hear a knock at my door I say ‘’come in” barely audible to my own ears but Niall seems to hear it, he walks in with that most amazing smile, “may I lay with you?” “um sure why not” I reply. He comes in and lays next to me I snuggle into his chest and he puts a protective arm around me I’m about to fall asleep when my phone beeps at me again, Dino. She says, ‘hey it’s me Dino it’s been a while since we have spoken I really miss you and I want you to come back I don’t even know where you are anymore, what you’re up to or who your with for all I know you could be lying dead in an alleyway’ at that a small tear falls down my cheek, Niall notices and says “babe, what’s the matter?” “Nothing I just really miss my best friend” “that’s sad, why don’t you invite her I’ll even pay for the plane ticket” “Niall I couldn’t” “too late tickets are booked for tomorrow” “but- what- how?” “Just be grateful get some rest but I think you might want to tell her” with that I grab my phone and reply I miss you too so much that’s why you’re coming to visit me tomorrow I’ll be there at 8 you’re coming to stay with me for a while- yours truly paiiiiggggiiieeee. With that I fall asleep against Niall’s chest. Ali’s POV I hadn’t heard from Niall so I guess he was asleep but that didn’t matter all that mattered was I was safe and happy inside Harry’s arms. I thought I wouldn’t hear from Niall but then again that boy is always full of surprise’s he comes down the stairs creeping so I was guessing that Paige was asleep. As Niall sat on the lounge next to Harry I got a phone call, it was Sky. She said “Ali oh my god your still awake umm could you come and open your front door please?” “Hang on” with that I jumped up and opened the front door and in walks Sky. Niall’s POV I left Paige to sleep, I will let her see her friend tomorrow it’s been ages since I’ve seen Dino we were childhood best friends and I guess we drifted. I wonder if she still knows who I am. I hope so. I sat on the chair next to the Haz mister and Ali’s phone went off she got up opened the front door and in walked this amazing person I have ever seen. She wasn’t to tall she was slim and she just looked wow. “how do you do love I’m Niall and you are?” I asked politely and she smiled looked at the ground and said Sky, I had an idea “but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell you don’t know-ow you don’t know your beautiful” I sung as I walked over to her lifted her chin up, kissed her on the forehead and said “it’s a pleasure to meet you Sky” at that she giggled and blushed. I sat back on the chair, mwah nowhere for her to sit, “would you like a seat” and I patted my lap she walked over not knowing whether to trust me or not but Ali was encouraging “come on hun he don’t bite” under his breath I heard Harry say “much” Ali giggled and he kissed her- wait that was the first time they kissed how cute, I think I’m going to cry. Sky’s POV I went to Ali’s I called her I walked in and I see Niall Horan on her couch NIALL FUCKING HORAN ok breath ARRRRRRR ok I’m good calm down. He said I mean Niall talked to me! “how do you do love im Niall” and then he started singing WMYB it was so adorable I don’t know what it was I just fell in love- I mean more then I already was. I sat on his lap and I forgot why I even came here- that’s right I was bored. I cuddled up to Niall’s chest and was listening to his heart beat and I heard him ask Ali for a blanket I guess I was cold, I was almost asleep and Ali came up and said “no funny business Horan and if you do not on my couch and…” Harry screamed while running upstairs “USE PROTECTION” I just replied “thanks Harry say it a bit louder I don’t think the people on the moon heard you” Niall chuckled no response from Harry oh well. “you comfy love?” “I guess I am” I said with a smile on my face I looked up at him and I leaned in for a kiss when some girl came downstairs and screamed “WHY?” and ran back upstairs. I looked at him and he said “were not dating I was comforting her and I think she has the wrong impression” “ok I get it can I sleep now, but I didn’t get that kiss” he said making puppy dog face at me “fine” I said I leaned up and just to tease him I kissed his cheek. “clever” he mumbled and kissed my head and that’s where I fell asleep, in Niall Horan’s arms the happiest person ever! Paige’s POV I woke and he wasn’t here I walked down stairs to see him on the lounge with another girl snuggled into him about to kiss him! “WHY?” I screamed before bolting back upstairs and running into ‘my’ room and locking the door, I cried myself to sleep I just feel so betrayed……
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