This is me

its about a girl who was scared until she met one particular guy and he changed her life forever


12. a/n

hey guys its only me, im going to try and update more but im starting to go to the gym so i might not update for a while, i write on the weekends and try to update during school hours i also have 2 other boooks, not right and once loved always loved. i really like this book and where it is going if you have any ideas or want to be in an of my books just let me now and you can also get in contact with mrs mysterygirl horan and you can also get into contact with number_one_horan_love to come into any of our movellas if they would like you to all you need to include is the following

what you want your name to be first, middle and last

what your facourite colour is



3 favourite bands/singers

spare time

favourite boy (if its a fan fic)




thanks guys if you dnt get picked dnt take it personal you are all amazayn and spehel in your own way- bri bri


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