silence is golden

Ashley and Maddie just movie to London when they bump into no other than the boys from One Direction! What happens when Niall falls head over heels for Ashley but Harry asks her out before Niall even gets a chance. Niall and the other boys know a dark secret that could ruin Ashley and Harrys relationship. Will Niall find tell Ashley the secret or will she find it out on her own? Who will she choose and will there be an addition to the band? First one so no hate please! Hope you guys enjoy it! :) (Rated R for sexual scenes. 16+)


3. The Game of Truth or Dare

                               " yes Harry!" I  answered excitedly.He intertwined our fingers together then bent down and his soft lips met mine. The kiss was gentle and slow. He pulled away and looked at me with with his emerald green eyes. He smirked while showing off his dimple. He was gorgouse.

    "So I guess we should get to the park since everyone is waiting on us?" I asked. He pulled me closer and leaned his forehead against mine.

" I guess, but I'd rather stay like this." He pecked me on the lips before he bent down, signaling me to get back in his back. Like before i jumped on his back and held on to him. I laid my head on his back and closed my eyes.

                                                                                                     *** ***********

 " We're here." Harry whispered to me. I had fallen asleep on his back and  he just woke me up.  Harry and I were the last ones there. I slid off of his back and started walking towrds Maddie. She was standing by a girl that i had recognized. It was Liam's girlfriend, Baylee. I felt a hand on my wrist and i was suddenly getting pulled back. Out of  nowhere I felt warm lips on mine. I smiled into the kiss, Knowing it was Harry.

"Thank you for the ride over here." I said as I pulled away from the kiss.

"No problem, babe," He smiled. "Let me introduce you to Liam's girlfriend. You'll love her. It looks like Maddie has already met her." He grabbed my hand we walked together over to Maddie and Baylee.

" Ashley meet Baylee. Baylee meet Ashley.  I guess you three can go bond while you guys shop if thats what girls do. I'll be back later. I'm going to go talk to the boys." Harry said then kissed me on my cheek and left. The skin he just touch was now hot and I had butterflies in my stomach. Baylee's voice, brought me out of my day dream.

"We can go shopping tomorrow if you guys would like?" She said.

Yea sounds good." Maddie and I agreed. We hugged then started walking over to teh boys. Maddie pulled me aside then looked at me funny.  I was confused.

"What?" I finally asked.

" Did Harry just kiss you?

'yea." i smiled and heat grew in my cheeks.

"Are you two dating now?!"

" Yes I'm sorry. I know you called dibs and I can understand why you would be mad at me,"

"Mad at you? Ash, I'm Happy for you! I;m glad you found someone else after, well you know who." My smile changed to a frown and I nodded.

"I'm sorry, I shouldnt have mentioned him."

"No its fine,"

"Well now I have to aim for another boy," she crossed her arms. i laughed and told her  I was sorry.,

"You should be," I laughed again then we walked back to the boys and Baylee, As I walked over to Harry, he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him. He leaned down so his cheek was pressed against mine.

"Do you want to come over to my flat at around 6?" He whispered.

"Yea but ill be in my pajamas."

"That's fine. Maybe ypu can sleep over then.' He pulled his heead away then winked at me. I giggled a bit then tuurned my attention back to everyone else.

"Who wants to play truth or dare?!" Louis screamed then sat down in the grass. Everyone agreed to play and we made a circle in the grass while sitting down.

"Who wants to go first?" Liam asked.

" I do! Baylee truth or dare?" Louis asked. Baylee thought about her answer for a second then she answered 'dare'.

"Baylee, I dare you to make out with Liam for 3 minutes,"  A smile grew on baylees's and Liam's faces.

"easy," is all Baylee said. She got on Liam'a lap and started her dare. After 3 minutes were up, Liam picked Baylee up and:

"Hey guys, umm, Baylee and I are going back to the flat to, ummm check in on Liberty."

"Bye guys! Be safe!" Maddie yelled.

'Who's Liberty? I asked.

"It's their dog they own together." Niall said.

"Okay, my turn. Harry, truth or dare?" Zayn asked.

"Dare." Harry turned towards me and smirked. I think he was thinking that he would get to get the same dare as Baylee.

"I dare you to turn around and close your eyes." Louis and Zayn started laughing with eachother.

"Ummm.. okay." Harry turned around so his back was faceing me. It was now Maddie's turn to ask Truth or Dare. Her and Louis were whispering to eachother then thry smiled evily at me. I knew that face. When she mad it, you know nothing good could ever come out of it.

"Ok, Ash, I dare you to straddle Niall." She said.

"What?! You mean Harry right?" I asked.

" Babe , it's fine. Just sit on his lap." Harry said with his back still facing me.
"Fine." I walked over to Niall, sat in his lap and wrapped my arms and legs around him so our faces were close together.

"This is awkward." I said more to myself than to Niall.

"Its ok. Its only a dare." He replied.

"My turn! Niall I dare you to grab her by her waist and kiss her!" Zayn shouted.

"You didnt even ask Truth or Dare!" Niall shouted back.

"Too bad!" Niall sighed then smiled at me. He gently grabbed my waist  and started to pull me closer to him.

"Ok I think it's time for us to go now." Harry suddenly said.

"Awe, c'mon Harry! Have some fun, we were just messing around." Maddie laughed while leaning onto Louis. Before I could protest, Harry had already pulled me off of Niall.

"We're going home. We're tired. I guess." Harry said. He mumbled the last part to himself.

"Bye guys! Maddie, I'll see you at the flat later." I called back at them and waved. They waved back and I turned back around. We got to the sidewalk and I stopped.

"How long away is your flat from here?" I asked.

"Just down the road. Not that far away."
"Ok, good." I giggled a little bit  while thinking back about the excuse Liam and Baylee had used earlier to get out of Truth or Dare.

"What's funny?" He asked.

"Nothing. Just thinking about Liam and Byalee." Harry then started to laugh as well. His laugh could make me faint right there. The way his dimpled showed when he flashed his straight, white, teeth. I didn't relize I was staring at him until he cleared his thraot. I looked away quickly and I felt totally embarrassed.

"So, do you all live together?" I asked trying to ease the awkwardness.

"Yea. The boys and then Baylee. I'm sure Liam adn Baylee are making having a spaghetti night right now."

"What's  a spaghetti night?"

"Sex. The boys and I use 'spaghetti' as a code word for it."

"Oh, well just remind me to say 'no'  if you ever asked me if I wanted to ahve spaghetti that night." We both started laughing and he pulled me closer to him.

"hey, we're at the flat."  He said happily. My mouth fell open as I  looked at the castle-like building infront of us. It was huge!

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