silence is golden

Ashley and Maddie just movie to London when they bump into no other than the boys from One Direction! What happens when Niall falls head over heels for Ashley but Harry asks her out before Niall even gets a chance. Niall and the other boys know a dark secret that could ruin Ashley and Harrys relationship. Will Niall find tell Ashley the secret or will she find it out on her own? Who will she choose and will there be an addition to the band? First one so no hate please! Hope you guys enjoy it! :) (Rated R for sexual scenes. 16+)


1. Meeting the boys

            " Where do you want to go next?," i asked Maddie as we walked down the street.

Maddie has been my best friend since fourh grade. We do almost everything together. " Let's go to Rue 21. We can get some new sunglasses!" Maddie laughed.

" Sounds good to me.' I said while putting a noodle of ny spaghetti in my mouth. ' Hey, what's that?" Maddie asked.

I looked in the direction she was pointing. There was a group of girls surrounding five guys. " Maddie, its One Direction!" i whispered/shouted to Maddie.

" Stay calm, Ashley. Just walk by them and wave," Maddie said, patting my shoulder. As we walked by them, I waved  at Niall and smiled. He smiled back  at me them  looked down at my plate of spaghetti. Maddie and I started to head towards Rue 21. I smiled at her. " Did you wave at Harry?" I asked.

"Yes! And he eaved back and smiled at me!" Maddie said. I was about to say something else, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around abd saw Niall Horan standing in front of me. Before i could say anything to, he started running back to the boys. I looked down and saw that my plate of spaghetti was gone. I started to run towrds Niall. Maddie called after me but i didnt pay attention. I was catching up to Niall. I was so close that i could reach out and pull his shirt. I was about to do just that when I felt two muscular arms wrap around my waist and hoist me up in the air.

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