silence is golden

Ashley and Maddie just movie to London when they bump into no other than the boys from One Direction! What happens when Niall falls head over heels for Ashley but Harry asks her out before Niall even gets a chance. Niall and the other boys know a dark secret that could ruin Ashley and Harrys relationship. Will Niall find tell Ashley the secret or will she find it out on her own? Who will she choose and will there be an addition to the band? First one so no hate please! Hope you guys enjoy it! :) (Rated R for sexual scenes. 16+)


2. Lunch

               "Ahh, Put me down!" I yelled loudly.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Paul, its okay. You can put her down. I stole her foog and she is just trying to get it back." I heard Niall's Irish accent saw below me. I covered my eyes with my hands as Paul put me down.

" You can open your eyes, love." Niall said. I slowly moved my hands away from my eyes. In front of me stood Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn.

" Hello love, what's your name?' Liam asked.

" Ashley."

" well this is Harry-,"

" I know who you guys are." I  interrupted Liam. They all chuckled for a bit.

" Niall give this lovley girl back her food." Louis said. Heat rose in my cheeks and i smiled towards them. Niall sighed and handed me back the plate.

"Thank you." I  said while glaring at Niall playfully.

"Well, i really should get back to my friend." I said then glanced behind my shoulder at Maddie. She stood there, looking at me. I started walking back to her when I was stopped.

"Wait. Can I get yor phone number?' Niall asked while holding onto my arm.

"Sure." I gave him my phone number.

"I'll text you later, love." I smiled at him and to the rest of the boys and we all headed our seperate ways.  I got back to Maddie and smiled at her.
" Why are you so smiley?' She asked.

"Niall just asked me for my phone number!"

"Really?! Thats awesome! You guys would be great together!" I felt my phone viberate in my pocket.

From: Sexy Beast<3

       Hey it's Niall.

 To: Ashley Pierce


To: Sexy Beast<3

      Hey. And nice cantact name:)

From: Ashley Pierce

"Who was it?!" Maddie practically shouted in my ear.

" It was Niall."

"What did he want?"

'He just said hey; calm down." My phone viberated in my hadn and Maddie squeeled in excitment.


From: Sexy Beast<3

   Thanks:) Hey, do you want to conr have lunch with me and the boys 5 min. I know you just ate some but you dont have to eat.

To: Ashley Pierce


To: Sexy Beast<3

       Im with my friend right now. And hey, I can eat anytime!

From: Ashley Pierce


From: Sexy Beast<3

        Good. I like a girl who can eat. And your friend can come too. We are jsut around the corner.

To: Ashley Pierce]


To: Sexy Beast<3

          Fine, but Maddie and I just moved here so what is the place called?"

From Ashley Pierce


From: Sexy Beast<3

        I'll be standing outside.

To: Ashley Pierce


To:Sexy Beast<3

   Ok, we'll be there in a second

From: Ashley Pierce

"Maddie we're goignt to go eat lunch with One Direction!" I said

"Im sitting by Harry. I called it."

"Okay fine by me."

"This is going to be awesome! So where are we going to eat?'

"I dont know. Niall said its just around the corner."

"Then why are we still standing here?" I laughed then we turned the corner and started looking for Niall. After a few minutes , I heard Niall's voice behind me. I turned around and saw Niall standing in front of a very fancy restaurant.

"Maddie, it's over here." I said. We walked over to Niall and he gave us both a hug befor letting us go.

"ummm Niall I dont think we are dressed right for a fancy  restaurant." I said as we walked into the restaurant.

" Dont worry, love no one will car. So who's your friend?"

"Maddie meet Niall, Niall meet Maddie." I introduced the two.

"Hello love, it's nice to finally meet you."

" You too." Maddie replied. As we got to our table, I could see people glaring at us and then whispering to the person beside them. When we got to the table there were only two seats left. One at the end inbetween Harry and Louis, and one by Niall.

Maddie gladly took the seat at the end, leaving me with the seat by Niall. Paul and the exta security that were also at the table tensed up, ready to do their job if Maddie or Me sarted to fan-girl anytime. The security looked very intimidating.

"Hello love, nice to see you again." Liam said. He sat across from me so i lowered my head.

"Hi." I mumbled.

 "Awe she's shy!" Zayn said.

"Trust me, she is usually not like this. She's more energetic once you get to know her." Maddie said from the end of the table. How could she not be nervouse? I guess Maddie has always been kike that. Never gets nervouse, doesnt get scared, etc. But me on the othe hand couldnt be more different. I am shy, afraid to try new things, and hate change, I wish i could be more like her sometimes.

"So how old are you girls?" Zayne asked suddenly.

"We are both 18 but i'm older than her by three days." Maddie answered.

"Ash, dont be afraid to talk." Niall leaned over and whispered to me.

"Im nervouse about what you guys will think of me."

"Ash dont be, Im pretty sure Harry already likes you." I glanced over at Harry adn saw that he was staring directly at me. I turned my head away quickly as my cheek got hot.

"Are we bothering your conversation?" Louis asked. I looked up at everyone and they all lokked back at Niall and I.

"So tell us about you guys. How did you guys meet?" Harry asked looking straight at me.

"Its ok talk." Niall whispered.

"Well w-" I was interrupted by high-pitched screams coming fromt the front entrance.

"Boys leave." Paul said. All the boys stood up. I saw Louis take Maddie with him so i decided to follow them but got stopped by someone else pulling me towrds the back entrance. I looked up and saw Harry.

" Where are we going?" I asked.

"Im getting you out so  you dont get mauled by fans.'

"What about Maddie and the other boys?"
"One of them took Maddie with them. We'll all meet up at the park. I cant drag you all the way to the park so get on my back."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." I jumped onto his back and wrapped my arms and legs around him.  About five minutes later he slowed down as we reached a road.

"Sorry for all the extra wight by the way." I finally said, breaking the silence.

"No worries.Ypu're not heavy anyways."

" Whatever, your're just being nce."

"Yea?" Harry put me down and turned me around so i was facing him,

"Ashley you aren't heavy, overweight, or fat. You're  skinny and if anything you're underwight and you're light. Dont put youreself  down. You're beautiful." I was speechless. My eyes started getting watery so i covered my face with my hands, while tears rolleed down my cheeks.

"No one's every said that to me before." I said while removing my hands from my face to look at him.

" I would tell you everyday if i could." He wrapped his arms around me and held me close.

"Should we get going to the park?" I asked.

"Can I ask you something first?"


" I know that thsi is really soon, but when I saw you talking to Niall warlier I wanted to take you away and make you mine before anyone else could, What i'm trying to say his, Ashley will you be mine?"







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