My first love

Christina meets a mysterious man. She hears rumors of him being bad news, but the boy she sees doesn't seem that way. She struggles trying to not fall for the boy who is known for all his 'one night stands' and always having a new girl every night. The mysterious man feels a new feeling for this girl he's never felt before and tries to win her heart while struggling with family troubles.


1. Mystery man


Christina's P.O.V

The last bell rang signaling the end of school. All of the seniors (including I) ran through the hallways like idiots. I went to my car and got in starting the ignition. Then, my phone began to ring. "Hey Katie" I said. "Hey Christina, I have to tell you something really important meet me at the Starbucks down the street from the school" she yelled,and before I could respond, she hung up. I sat confused but I still met up with my friend. I ordered for us, after we waited i went and got the order and sat down, katie began to smile."Guess what." She whispered, I couldn't help but smile as I went along and whispered "what?" "I got a new apartment from my parents as a graduation gift and wondered if you wanted to move in, it's pretty spacious it has three bedrooms."she said. "And it's fully furnished." I couldn't contain the excitement I held in and screamed "I'm gonna have my own place with my best friend!" Katie's phone rang and she answered, "Hi...yea...I'll be there as quickly  as possible." She hung up and looked at me "sorry Christina I got to go, I'll see you tomorrow so we can talk to your parents about settling in with me, call me." She said as she walked out the door. I sat there for a minute looking at my phone, realizing I had to be to work in a few. I continued to sit there and drink my coffee and suddenly a mysterious man with black hair sat in front of me. My heart beat out of my chest. "Hi beautiful" he said. I sat there not knowing what to do. I starred into his gorgeous brown eyes. He then whispered "don't you speak?" I stuttered "uh He-y i'm Christina."he chuckled. I nervously looked around and saw a lady starring at us through the window and I turned back to the man."I know,My names Zayn, Zayn Malik" his British accent gave me goosebumps. "Nice to meet you Zayn." I forced a smile, although I was terrified. I looked at my phone debating if I should make an excuse and call someone for help. As Soon as my hand reached for it he grabbed my phone clicked a few things and put it back down saying "Give me a call." Then he got up and walked out looking back at me.


Zayn's P.O.V


I walked into Starbucks and sat down like I usually did every afternoon after a rowdy night with some random girl. The man yelled "Zayn" and I stood up to get my order. I sat down and took a sip, "Christina" the man at the counter yelled, I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in my life, big brown eyes and long brown hair. I starred at her as she went to go sit down, I decided to make my move when her friend left. She'll be easy I thought as I sat down across from her "hey beautiful." I said. She just starred and my eyes met hers, my stomach started to churn so to break the AKWARD silence, I whispered "Don't you speak?" She stuttered "uh he-y I'm Christina." I chuckled noticing her embarrassment but it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I awnsered  "I know, my names Zayn, Zayn Malik... " she smiled and said, "Nice to meet you Zayn ." I saw her look at her phone so I picked it up and put my number in "Give me a call." I said smiling then I took one more look at her gorgeous face and walked out of the coffee shop.

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