Teenage Cake

Annalynne goes to an all-girls high school where she's surrounded by snobby girls who think "good-looking" is a quality to put on a resume. A chance encounter with a boy at a party leads Annalynne to a coming-of-age experience.


3. Chocolate Ganache




      That Friday night, Annalynne and Joanna went to Angela’s party, which was set up in her parent’s spacious backyard. It was even better than either of them had expected. Not only were there college boys, there was beer. All anyone really needed to throw a party was a place to go and something to drink. It was the guests who created the atmosphere, set the tone, and kicked off the series of random events that would inevitably follow.

      Annalynne had spent most of the party talking to a preppy, dark-haired boy in a blue polo shirt. He looked like Oliver Twist. She liked him, the way you just liked some people. He seemed very interested in making sure she drank all of her beer, and then he’d go and bring her another one, like a gift she didn’t want. Annalynne didn’t really like beer, but she had managed to consume one bottle. He’d already been through three. She tried to pour bits of it in the dirt when no one was looking, so she didn’t have to drink so much of it.

      They had mostly discussed what his life in college was like. “College is a continuation of high school. People get more witty… they fight you in different ways.” He smiled at her warmly, appreciating the fact that she seemed to hang on every word he said.

      “And you study painting?” she asked, fascinated. Painting was so creative. So impractical. It was the kind of thing her parents would never let her study.

      “Yup,” he nodded with grin, slightly embarrassed at how impressed she sounded. “You should let me paint you some time… Plum,” he said, gazing down at the side of her head. “That’s what color I’d start with if I were going to paint your hair. Everyone thinks blonde hair is yellow but it’s really not.”

      Annalynne giggled nervously and tried to think of fresh things to say to keep the conversation running. He had seemed interested in talking to her for most of the evening, but now he seemed distracted. She kept seeing his eyes wander off to a spot behind her.

      “What do you keep staring at?” she finally asked, feeling a little insulted. She tried to follow his gaze but all she saw was a cluster of people.

      “My buddy. He never learns. He’s always hitting on girls.”

      “So what?” she shrugged.

      “He’s got a fiancé in England is what.”

      “No way!” Annalynne laughed incredulously.

      “Yup. They have a baby together too.”

      “How old is he?” Annalynne asked, shocked.

      “Eighteen,” he replied, swigging his beer.

      “And he hits on other girls?”

      “Yeah. She’s coming here in a few weeks so they can get married.” He frowned.

      “That’s awful! What an asshole!”

      “I know right? She’s even got a tattoo of his name on the back of her neck.”

      “What a complete fucking jerk,” she slurred. “I should go and warn the other girls.”

      “Yeah, he’s making out with some chick right now.” He shook his head disapprovingly. “Just cause he does some modeling every once in a while, he thinks he can get any girl he wants.”

      Annalynne followed his gaze and saw an attractive, muscled guy kissing Christine’s neck as she giggled up at him delightedly.

      Annalynne stared at them for a minute and gave a short laugh. She resumed her attention to the boy in front of her. His name was Jason right? Or was it Josh? Something like that. Maybe she’d had too much beer. “I’m sure she’ll be fine. So tell me more about college!”



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