Dancer For Life *A Niall Horan Fanfic*

Peyton always loved to dance. She danced everyday. But her whole life changed when she bumped into Niall Horan on the street. Niall got her a job offer as a dancer from the one and only, Simon Cowell. Will she take the job? Will she just settle for what she has now as a dancer? Read to find out.


4. No Harry!

Niall's POV

When we pulled away, Harry had a shocked expression mixed with anger. "Niall, can I talk to you?" Harry said. "Sure" I mumbled. We walked to Harry's room and he closed the door. "Niall how could you! You know I like her! Now, back off!" I was shocked by what he just said. "No Harry! You have no right to tell me what to do!" I said. Then he spat back "Fine. LIAM! COME HERE!" Liam ran in. "What is it?" he said fastly. "Well, I like Peyton and Harry told me to back off, even after I made out with her!" I said. "Y-you made out with her?" Liam said. "Yeah...yeah I did." "Well, Harry I think you should be the one to back off." Liam said. "BUT-" "No buts Harry! Now Ni, go back to Peyton."I listened and walked back.

Peyton's POV

Niall finally walked into his room. "I'm hungry!!" I complained. "Alright, I'll bring it up to you. What do you want?" "ICE CREAM AND PICKLES!" I scream. Niall just giggled and walked out. He came back a minute later with my food. "YAY FOOD!" I ate the ice cream and pickles, got under the blanket, and closed my eyes. 

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