Dancer For Life *A Niall Horan Fanfic*

Peyton always loved to dance. She danced everyday. But her whole life changed when she bumped into Niall Horan on the street. Niall got her a job offer as a dancer from the one and only, Simon Cowell. Will she take the job? Will she just settle for what she has now as a dancer? Read to find out.


2. Dancing and-NIALL HORAN?!

Peyton's POV

"OKAY, one last time and you can go home!" My dance teacher called. We all lined up and then music started. "5,6,7,8!" We all start dancing. By the time we finished, I was exsasted. "Okay, bye girls, see you next week." My teacher told us. I walked out into the lobby and grabbed my bag. When I walk out onto the sidewalk, the cold air stings my face. It was the middle of winter, so it was freezing. All of a sudden, it starts snowing. I wanted to find a place to hide from the snow, but the snow was soooo thick, I couldn't see anything. I feel around for a wall and finally find one. Then I slid down the wall, and stayed there until I heard a voice. It was a thick Irish accent. " HELP!" I scream, "HELP ME PLEASE!!!" When I don't hear the voice call back, I slide down the wall again but cry this time. I cry until I feel someone touch my shoulder and say " Are you okay, love?" I look up and can't believe what I see. Niall Freakin' Horan is standing in front of me. "Help me" I whisper just loud enough for him to hear me. He saw the look on my face and helped me up. "Come on. Let's get you into the limo." He said. I listened as he wrapped his arm around my waist. He lead me to a limo and opened the door for me. As I got in, I saw 4 other boys looking at me. I was still crying, maybe that was why. Niall grabbed a blanket, wrapped it around me, and hugged me. "Hello, are you okay?" "Are you cold?" "Do you need help?" Everyone was asking questions. I looked at Niall and he saw the look on my face. "Guys, guys, GUYS!" Niall yelled, "You're overwelming her!" He was right. " Hey, I forgot to ask, what is your name?"  "Peyton"I said. "That is a beautiful name." I blushed. We talked all the way to their mansion. When we got there it wasn't snowing anymore. We got out, and Niall lead me to the mansion.

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