Dancer For Life *A Niall Horan Fanfic*

Peyton always loved to dance. She danced everyday. But her whole life changed when she bumped into Niall Horan on the street. Niall got her a job offer as a dancer from the one and only, Simon Cowell. Will she take the job? Will she just settle for what she has now as a dancer? Read to find out.


1. All About Peyton

                                                                                               Hey I'm Peyton!

                               I LOVE to dance. I was made to dance. I always hope I get job offers after every dance. But I don't...

                               Well, I always have liked and always will, One Direction. I don't really have a favorite but there is          

                               something about Niall that gets to me.


                               Well, here are some fun things to know about me!

                               -I'm British

                               -I <3 food!

                               -I'm 19 soon to be20 in September

                               -My only friends name is Caylynn

                               -Caylynn and I have been bestiez since pre k


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