The boy who... Sits behind the counter

Can I get a cupcake, cupcake ;)


6. X factor

Sierras pov

i can't believe he's gone, I love him and I already miss him. I know he's just chasing his dream, but he's my dream.


harrys pov

why did I leave her? I don't know, but I'm already half way there and I can't stop thinking about her, her beautiful blond hair, her randomness, her loyalty, and her stunning blue eyes!  I can beleive I gave up my love for my crazy dream. She knows I want this though ever since I started singing to her before we fell asleep, she always told me I had a great voice, but I was doubtful.  I see the X factor sign just a head as I turn in to get signed up


sierras pov

i sit down on the couch and turn on the tv "X FACTORS ON!!" I yell to christa, I'm pretty sure she's pulling her hair up. I look back to see, then hear "hi I'm harry" and I spin around my eyes widen "CHRISTA HE'S ON HE'S ON THE X FACTOR QUICK" I hear her footsteps pound out of the bathroom and her hair in knots "did I miss it" "no it just started" she frowns at me and try's to get the hair tie out of her hair... Even know its caught. "What were you trying to do in there??" I ask "to duch braid" and she rolls her eyes. out of the corner of my eye I see harry standing on stage "hi my names harry styles I'm from west Cheshire and I'm 16" then he sings "isn't she lovley" and it makes my heart melt. I then hear a no, I untangle my crossed fingers and open my eyes, louis gave him a no?!? Louis always gives out a yes! A tear rolls down my cheek and I look to christa she looks shocked and looks to the ground, "yes" I look up a yes, yessss. "Come on simon one more yes come on come on" I whisper "yes" and I jump up and scream "YESSSSS" and I jump into christas arms an hug her as she comforts me sobbing into her shoulder.

harrys pov 

"I got in, I GOT IN" I say as I run off the stage,  then I call her "hello, babe" "yeah cupcake" I hear her sweet voice again after a few weeks. "I got in!!" "Yeah I know!" She says her voice cracks "I love you" she almost whispers "I love you to" I miss you" "i miss you to babe" and I hear her whimper. I wish I could give her a hug and say its alright but I can't all as I can say is I love you and miss you, I hang up, but wish I didn't.

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